Tough Negotiatons with Insurance Company Bring Positive Results for Client

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Our client was in the family car with her husband, running some errands, and they were stopped in heavy traffic. A car sped up behind them, seeing the stopped traffic too late to come to a safe stop. The other car crashed into our client’s car. Oregon Auto Car Accident Attorneys, Accident Attorney Oregon | Dwyer Williams Cherkoss PC | Oregon Personal Injury AttorneysAs is often the case in such auto accidents, she sustained neck and back injuries, for which she sought immediate medical attention.

Although she was definitely injured in the auto accident, she also had some pre-existing conditions, some of which were aggravated by the accident. The insurance company balked at paying her accident-related medical expenses, citing the pre-existing conditions. Realizing she would need help fighting the insurance company’s decision, she enlisted the help of an experienced Oregon auto accident injury lawyer.

I reviewed her medical records and was able to accurately determine which conditions were pre-existing and which were new, caused by the accident. After I had this determined, I opened negotiations with the at-fault driver’s insurance company. After several weeks of back and forth, I got a policy limits offer for the client, meaning that they would pay the maximum amount covered by the at-fault driver’s policy. This covered her medical expenses. But, I didn’t stop there. I also convinced her auto insurance carrier to waive its entire lien. The lien waiver, plus the settlement for medical expenses, was a very good result for our client.

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