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Our success rate is over 98% and we have successfully obtained over $30 million in verdicts and settlements over the past three years.

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"A huge source of comfort, I knew I was at the right place" - Lisa T.

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Personal Injury AttorneyPersonal Injury Attorney

Warm, friendly, and on it!"
- Darlyn B.

I knew I was at the right place"
- Lisa T.

They have been a life saver."
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"A huge source of comfort

"Helpful and understanding

"This law firm is amazing

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"A huge source of comfort, I knew I was at the right place" - Lisa T.

recovered in
the last 3 years

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Warm, friendly, and on it!"
- Darlyn B.

I knew I was at the right place"
- Lisa T.

They have been a life saver."
- Jasmine H.

"This law firm is amazing

"A huge source of comfort

"Helpful and understanding

$30,000,000 recovered in the last three years

Personal Injury Attorney near me

Why do people choose us? OUR RESULTS

Dwyer Williams Cherkoss has been protecting the financial future of personal injury victims in Oregon  by fighting for maximum compensation in every case. Our firm has settled, arbitrated, and tried over 600 cases in the past three years. We have recovered tens of millions of dollars for our clients. Let us help you!

Summaries of our larger recent results are outlined below. Please click through to read the full cases. Keep in mind, however, that the value of personal injury cases depends on numerous variables particular to each case including the facts of the case, liability, and the nature and extent of the injuries. These case summaries are for illustration purposes only.

Dwyer Williams Cherkoss Attorneys Recent Personal Injury Results Include:

$4,400,000 Semi-Truck Collision:
Our client’s car was struck with a semi-truck and suffered injuries that required multiple surgeries. After several days of trial, a jury returned a unanimous verdict in our client’s favor of $4,386,817. Read more…

$2,400,000 Snowmobile Accident Brain Injury:
Our client crashed his snowmobile into another vehicle and sustained significant brain injuries that kept him from being able to continue his work as a surgeon. We ultimately obtained a $2,400,000 settlement on his behalf. Read more…

$2,350,000 T-bone Collision:
An SUV crashed into the side of our clients’ vehicle at such high speed that one died instantly and the other was severely injured. The SUV driver had a suspended license and was uninsured. We secured our surviving client $1,242,000 in compensation for her injuries and loss. Read more…

$2,000,000 Highway Head-On Collision:
Our client and his son were rear-ended by a water tanker while driving on the highway. They were shot into oncoming traffic, hit a vehicle head-on, and both sustained injuries that required multiple corrective surgeries. We settled the case for $2,000,000 at mediation. Read more…

$1,000,000 Sex Abuse Settlement:
Confidential settlement. Dwyer Williams Cherkoss Attorneys, PC handles many sex abuse cases, so no assumption, speculation or guesswork should be made as to what case or claim this settlement involved.

$725,000 Semi-Truck Hit and Run:
A semi-truck crashed into the rear of end of our client’s vehicle and drove away from the scene without exchanging information. Our client suffered severe neck and back injuries, which required multiple surgeries. We were ultimately able to settle the case for $725,000. Read more…

$640,000 Head-On Semi Truck Accident:
Our client was driving his semi when another truck driving in the opposite direction drifted into his lane, hitting him head-on at more than 50 mph. Both vehicles were totaled, and our client was seriously injured. We settled the case for $640,000 during mediation. Read more…

$600,000 Motorcycle Accident in Bend, OR:
After a faulty repair the rear tire of her motorcycle our client was injured in a severe motorcycle accident. Her injuries included traumatic brain injuries. During mediation the insurance company attempted to settle for $60,000. But shortly before the case went to trial we were able to secure a $600,000 settlement.- Read more…

Injured in an Accident? Get a Free Case Evaluation Today!

Injured in an Accident? Get a Free Case Evaluation Today!

$600,000 Slip and Fall Injury:
Our client slipped and fell on a defective sidewalk outside a place of business resulting in torn ligaments and multiple surgeries. Shortly before the trial, the insurance company agreed to settle the case for $600,000 – substantially more than its offer prior to our firm’s involvement. Read more…

$500,000 Fatal Semi Truck and Car Collision:
A semi-truck driver was speeding and lost control of her vehicle while rounding a corner. She crashed head-on into our client, who was killed instantly. Unfortunately, Oregon caps pain and suffering damages on wrongful death claims at $500,000. We settled for this maximum amount despite believing it to be insufficient as a matter of policy. Read more…

$464,000 Severely Injured Bicyclist:
Our client was riding his bicycle when an uninsured driver hit and ran over him. Dropped by his original attorney, who deemed the case “un-winnable”, we took this client’s case to an arbitrator who awarded him $464,000. Read more…

$450,000 Workplace Injury With Preexisting Conditions:
A broken wooden ramp lifted off of the ground and hit our client on his lower leg on a job site, causing him to fall forward and injure his shoulder and knee. Our client’s case was complicated by a number of prior injuries and ongoing health problems. We were able to settle the case at mediation for $450,000 and to reduce many of the liens against our client. Read more…

$400,000 Head-On Collision with Uninsured Motorist:
Our client’s car was hit head-on by an uninsured motorist. He suffered several herniated discs in his lumbar spine, which required multiple surgeries to correct. No settlement offers were made by the insurance company. Once brought on as counsel for this client, we litigated the case and won an arbitration award of $400,000.

$400,000 Gym Equipment Failure (Premises Liability):
Our client suffered a traumatic head injury while using an improperly-maintained piece of equipment at a fitness center. The insurance company denied liability, but after considerable litigation we settled the case for $400,000.

$395,500 Collision Causing Minor Brain Injury to Child:
A four-year-old passenger was injured when her grandfather attempted to cross an intersection and another driver drove directly into the passenger door of their car. Our client’s head, ribs, and right arm were fractured. The insurance company claimed that our client’s brain symptoms were the result of hereditary ADHD as well as the car accident. In the end, we settled the case for $395,500.

$363,000 Truck Collision Award:
We were able to negotiate with the worker’s compensation carrier and convince them to accept far less than they were legally entitled to recover pursuant to Oregon statutes. Further, we were able to convince the bad driver’s insurer to increase their offer to $363,000.00 so that our client was able to put more money in his pocket. Read more…

$345,000 Fractured Pelvis in a Roll-Over:
Our client sustained multiple pelvis fractures during a roll-over accident. The insurance company made no settlement offer to our client before he hired us, but we were able to obtain a $345,000 settlement on his behalf.

$325,000 Single-Car Roll-Over Accident:
During a roll-over accident, our client sustained complex right ear lacerations and avulsion as well as multiple lacerations to the scalp and face. These conditions required surgery and left our client with significant facial scarring. After conferring with the treating physicians, and negotiating with insurance companies numerous times, we obtained a $325,000 settlement.

$325,000 Falling Overhead Luggage Neck Injury:
During takeoff on a flight, a bag fell from an overhead bin and hit our client directly on the head. He suffered neck and shoulder injuries from the impact, which required corrective surgery. The airline’s insurance company denied liability. We took the matter to a judicial settlement conference and received $325,000 for our client.

$314,000 On The Job Lumber Injury:
Our client sustained injuries to his wrist and shoulder while unloading lumber from a truck. The workers’ compensation insurer denied coverage of the injury, but when Dwyer Williams Cherkoss, PC took the matter to trial, the jury awarded our client $314,000.

$300,000 Semi-Truck Accident Settlement:
Our client was injured in a semi-truck accident in which the insurance company wanted to pay very little in damages. We were able to mediate the case and received a settlement of $300,000 for our client. Read more…

$265,000 Roll-Over On Ice:
Our client was the passenger in an SUV being driven on icy winter roads. The driver was driving too fast for the conditions and rolled the SUV several times down a highway. Our client suffered multiple fractures and lacerations. This case settled at mediation for $264,571, just shy of the applicable policy limits and in addition to what the insurer had already paid toward our client’s medical expenses.

$250,000 Event Slip and Fall Injury:
Our client was attending an event hosted at a fairground. The event’s caterers had run an extension cord across a walking path and covered it with a carpet, creating a mound in the carpet. While the lights were down, our elderly client tripped over the mound, fell, and broke her hip. We sued the county in which this event took place, as well as the event organizer, and the catering company caterer. We performed extensive litigation and discovery, and the case settled at mediation for $250,000.

$241,000 Residential Slip and Fall Accident:
Our client was a tenant in an apartment complex that failed to remove snow and ice from the property’s stairs and sidewalks. Our client slipped on clear ice, tumbled down the stairs, and suffered serious lower back and hip injuries. The property manager’s insurance company denied liability. We exposed that the apartment complex manager had directed staff members to lie about the accident and won our client an arbitration award of $241,000.

$238,000 Car Collision with Bicyclist:
Our client was hit by an uninsured driver while commuting to work on his bike. He sustained extensive orthopedic injuries that required surgery. Liability was initially denied, and our client was offered no settlement. Following litigation, however, our client was awarded a $238,000 settlement.

$235,000 Paintball Gun Eye Injury:
Our client, a young boy, was negligently shot in the eye with a paintball gun. This injury required multiple surgeries. We settled the case for $235,000.

$230,000 Inadequately Monitored Van – Handicapped Accident:
Our wheelchair-bound client was injured upon exiting a van. The handicapped ramp was not level with the ground causing her wheelchair to flip forward and she was thrown to the ground. She fractured her leg and shoulder, but the driver’s insurance company denied liability. After several rounds of negotiation, we obtained a $230,000 settlement.

$225,000 Wrongful Death in a Roll-Over Accident:
Our client was one of several people killed in an accident when an oncoming vehicle lost control and collided with him. There was limited insurance coverage and the at-fault driver had no additional assets. After a difficult mediation session involving all claimants, we are able to secure $225,000 for our client’s family.

$216,500 Workplace Injury Exacerbating a Preexisting Neck Condition:
Our client sustained a neck injury when he was rear-ended while test-driving a truck for a local tire shop. The collision aggravated his neck, which had been surgically repaired just six months prior to this collision. The at-fault driver’s insurance company blamed our client’s preexisting condition and denied liability. After arbitration, however, our client was awarded $216,357.

$185,000 Semi-truck Collision Settlement in Eugene Oregon
Our client was a passenger in a car that was driving on Interstate 5 near Eugene, Oregon.  The rain that day was heavy, and as a result, traffic had slowed to a near stop due to reduced visibility ahead.  After our client’s car had slowed almost to a standstill in traffic, a semi-truck hit them from behind at full speed. In the end, and after two mediations, the insurance company finally agreed to settle the case for $185,000, though only two weeks prior to the trial date. Read more...

$100,000 Auto Accident Tendon Injury – Lost Wages Award:
Our client was unable to work for a period of time following an auto accident that injured tendons in her ankle and wrist. The at-fault driver’s insurer eventually offered our client the full $100,000 policy limits and her own insurer withdrew its lien against that sum. Read more…

$100,000 Abdominal Gunshot Wound Injury:
Our client was shot in the abdomen when he confronted a neighbor about his unsafe driving practices. Oregon Victim’s Assistance paid part of his hospital bills and the rest were waived. Little insurance money was available to compensate our client for his injuries, but the shooter’s rental insurance offered $100,000. Read more…

We update our case results regularly on this site. If you have questions regarding a personal accident or injury, please call us today at 541-316-1604.