Study Reveals that More Accidents Caused by Drowsy Driving than Previously Known

Drowsy driving can be a challenging driving behavior to uncover. If law enforcement officers notice a car traveling erratically, it may not be obvious if the driver is drunk or merely falling asleep. If police pull that driver over, the driver may have been startled awake by the threat of receiving a citation by the […]

Spine Injuries Can Cause Lifelong Health Complications

Accidents involving the sudden application of force to the body can result in severe injuries, many of which involve the spine. Unfortunately, the spine is especially vulnerable in an accident, and these injuries can lead to significant long-term health issues. Leading Reasons Why Spine Injuries Occur According to the Mayo Clinic, the five leading reasons […]

Choosing an Oregon Care Facility for Your Loved One with Alzheimer’s

Caring for a loved one with Alzheimer’s or dementia can be extremely demanding on family members. When you’re no longer able to care for a loved one with Alzheimer’s, it’s important to find a nursing home or other residential care facility that will provide the highest-possible caliber of care, catering to the particular needs of […]

Family of Nursing Home Resident Killed in Accident Sues for Damages

The relatives of a woman who died in a Deschutes County retirement facility are now suing the facility for damages in a wrongful death lawsuit. Learn more below about the accident and the duties of care held by Oregon nursing homes. The recent lawsuit was filed by the surviving family members of Wilmetta June Cornell, […]

Wintry Weather Results in Fatal Accident in Clackamas County

A snowy highway is believed to be responsible for a head-on crash that killed one young passenger and injured two others. The crash is a cautionary tale of the perils of driving in wintry weather. Read on for information on how to drive safely during the season of snow and ice on roadways, and contact […]