Settlement Offer More Than Doubled for Injured Passenger

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Our client in this auto accident was the passenger in a car being driven by her daughter.  Their car came to an intersection with a four-way stop and, after stopping, they proceeded through the intersection and were broad-sided by another motorist who had failed to stop at her stop sign.  The other driver claimed to have stopped at the stop sign and adamantly denied that the accident was her fault.  The truth came out at the police investigation that ensued, when the second driver admitted that she had lied at the scene of the accident.

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After our client completed treatment for her accident-related injuries, the at-fault driver’s insurance company made her an offer to settle.  It was at this time that our client called the experienced Oregon auto accident injury attorneys at Dwyer Williams Cherkoss PC to see whether or not her offer was fair and to discuss her options going forward.  After an initial consultation, we decided that our client was being low-balled and told her that we could help her get a better settlement.  She hired us on the spot to settle her claim.  We contacted the at-fault driver’s insurance carrier and immediately began settlement negotiations.

After learning that our client had retained the tough Oregon personal injury attorneys at Dwyer Williams Cherkoss to represent her, the insurance company offered her twice the sum that it had initially offered her.  After several rounds of negotiation, we reached their top offer.  Even after subtracting attorney fees and costs, our client nearly doubled her recovery as a direct result of hiring Dwyer Williams Cherkoss.  We were glad to have been able to help her resolve this matter.

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