Rear-End Auto Accident Settled in the Nick of Time

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Our client was driving north on Highway 199, just outside of Grants Pass, Oregon. He slowed for a stop sign. Just as he was about to come to a complete stop, he happened to look in his rearview mirror, where he saw another car coming up fast behind him – too fast to stop. The other driver didn’t stop and rear ended our client, causing extensive injuries to his neck and back that required immediate and ongoing medical attention.

Two years later, he was still receiving medical treatment for his car accident-related injuries. Oregon Auto Car Accident Attorneys, Accident Attorney Oregon | Dwyer Williams Cherkoss PC | Oregon Personal Injury Attorneys According to his treating physicians, he would continue to need treatment for sometime into the future. He knew from his own research that Oregon has a two year statute of limitations on personal injury claims, and he was worried that he would not be able to get his future medical treatment covered by the at-fault driver’s insurance company and that he’d be stuck paying the high medical expenses himself. He decided to contact an experienced auto accident attorney to see what he could do.

Upon taking the case, I acted quickly, since we were so close to the expiration of the statute of limitations. First, I opened a lawsuit to keep his claim active. Then, I contacted his primary physician and obtained documentation of his prognosis and the likely costs of future treatments and surgery. I was able to provide this information to the at-fault driver’s insurance company and negotiate with them for a settlement that would cover his future medical expenses. Ultimately, the company made an offer for a fair settlement that included the cost of future treatment and the case didn’t have to go to litigation. Our client was relieved with these results and glad he’d contacted us for help.

If you’ve been injured in an auto accident and your case is close to the two year statute of limitations, we can help you get a settlement that will take care of you past the expiration of the statute of limitations. One of our expert Personal Injury Attorneys will be happy to discuss your Oregon Personal Injury case with you. Call us now: 541-617-0555

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