Auto Accident Attorney Works to Secure Settlement for Client

Oregon Auto Car Accident Attorneys, Accident Attorney Oregon | Dwyer Williams Cherkoss PC | Oregon Personal Injury Attorneys Our client was stopped in a line of traffic at a busy traffic signal in Bend, Oregon. Another driver failed to stop for traffic and crashed his car into our client, who was pushed into the oncoming traffic lane, where he was hit by another car. He was injured and sought immediate medical attention for his injuries.

Although he was injured and talked with his doctor about the kind of work he did, his treating physicians advised him to continue working. One even advised him that continuing his regular work would be helpful in his recovery. Unfortunately, working prolonged his recovery, slowing the healing time of his injuries. When he had finally recovered, he filed a claim for his accident-related medical expenses. The insurance company balked, arguing that the amount of time he had been treated was unreasonable and that they should only have to pay a portion of his claim. This wasn’t adequate for our client, who couldn’t afford his medical bills. Concerned at the company’s reluctance to pay, he contacted an experienced auto accident attorney.

When I took the case, I reviewed his narrative of the accident and all of his medical records. Relying heavily on the chart notes from his treating physicians, I opened negotiations with the insurance company and was able to point out that our client had been honest with his doctors about his work and they had advised him to continue working while recovering. It took several rounds of intense negotiation, but the insurance company finally came to the table with a fair offer for our client and we were able to avoid filing a lawsuit. Without an auto accident lawyer from the team of Personal Injury Attorneys at Dwyer Williams Cherkoss, it’s unlikely that our client would have gotten such a favorable result.

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