New YouTube Videos Answer Your Personal Injury Claim Questions

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Last week, Dwyer Williams Cherkoss founding attorney and senior partner recorded a series of videos answering some of the most common questions that clients typically ask about their personal injury claims. In this YouTube video series Roy answers the following questions:

  1. What does it take for me to recover an auto accident injury settlement?
  2. Does the type of auto accident injury that I sustain affect my settlement?
  3. Does it matter which doctor treats me in my personal injury claim?
  4. How do my medical bills affect my personal injury settlement?
  5. Does it matter if my car was not seriously damaged in my auto accident?
  6. Does a gap in treatment impact the value of my personal injury case?
  7. Does having a prior auto accident affect my personal injury claim?
  8. Does the extent of my injuries impact the value of my case?
  9. Does being unemployed make a difference in the value of my case?

If you have been injured in an auto accident or other serious accident and are contemplating hiring a personal injury lawyer, you might be interested in watching these helpful videos.  Call our compassionate and experienced personal injury attorneys for a free consultation and to answer your further questions today at 541-617-0555.

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