The Effects Of Neurological Damage From A Car Accident

The Effects Of Neurological Damage From A Car Accident

There are many different kinds of injuries that you can sustain if you are involved in a car accident. While some cuts, scrapes and bruises are minor, there are some more severe injuries that can occur. Most notably, we want to focus in on neurological issues that can arise due to injury. When it comes to neurological damage, this is often debilitating in ways that can cause extreme pain, intense headaches, mental disorders and other effects that can alter the way you live your life.

Neurological Damage From A Car Accident

How does a nerve get damaged? 

Nerve damage can happen anywhere within your body. When nerve damage occurs, the signal between your brain and your body is disrupted to the point that you lose normal functionality. Intense pressure on a nerve can cause damage. Nerves can also be damaged when they are severed, stretched and burned. Car accidents are very well known to cause nerve damage in many of the ways mentioned here. 

Injuries that lead to neurological issues

Now that we have an idea of how nerves can get damaged, let’s talk about how these injuries often occur with car accidents. Blunt-force-trauma, whiplash and lacerations can often lead to neurological damage. Any one of these types of injuries can cause a nerve to be pinched, compressed or severed. If the vehicle was on fire during the car accident, it’s also possible that you could have serious nerve damage if you had any contact with the fire itself.  

The importance of seeking medical attention

If you believe that you sustained nerve damage from a car accident, you need to seek immediate medical attention. Symptoms include full or partial paralysis of limbs or appendages, muscle pain, uncontrolled movement of muscles, a prickling sensation and numbness of skin or limbs. It’s important that you do not ignore any of these mentioned symptoms. The longer that nerve damage goes untreated, the worse this issue will become. A trained medical profession will diagnose your nerve damage and offer the proper medical treatment for your particular injury.    

Long term effects of neurological damage

Some nerve damage can be treated with surgery, physical therapy or medication. If nerve damage is severe enough, it can cause long-term effects that may require ongoing treatment. Dealing with nerve damage can be very debilitating, which often causes people to miss a lot of work. And in some cases, you may not be able to do the job that you had before you sustained the injury. Ongoing medical treatment is also very expensive when it comes to nerve damage. This is why you need a personal injury attorney who will fight to ensure that you receive the kind of compensation to help support you and your financial losses that were caused by the car accident.

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