How To Find the Best Motorcycle Accident Lawyer in Oregon

Hiring a motorcycle accident lawyer after a crash Riding a motorcycle along the roadways of Oregon can be a wonderful experience. However, along with the thrill come many risks associated with riding. The risk of getting into an accident is higher because many drivers fail to see motorcyclists, resulting in wrecks that can leave the … Read More

Motorcycle Accidents – What You Need to Know

Riding a motorcycle on the open road is an exhilarating experience. The feeling of wind rushing past your body and the purr of the motor as you open the throttle gives riders a real sense of freedom. This freedom is not without risk, however, with motorcycle accidents forming a major percentage of motor vehicle incidents. … Read More

Man Miraculously Survives Fiery Motorcycle Accident

Sean Henderson was traveling on a motorcycle when he tried to negotiate a turn east onto the Beaverton Hillsdale highway near Oleson Road. While cars on the westbound lane slowed down and stopped to allow him through, a car driven by 56-year-old woman allegedly passed all the other cars and crashed into the motorcyclist. The … Read More