Injured Driver Receives Great Settlement Offer in the Nick of Time

Our client was injured while driving along a major highway in Central Oregon.  Suddenly, another driver traveling in the opposite direction decided to make a U-Turn and ended up crashing into the side of our client’s car. Once he had physically recovered from this accident, our client called the experienced Oregon car accident lawyers at … Read More

Driver Fatigue on Oregon’s Roads

Recent news reports across the state of Oregon have highlighted an important roadway safety issue that deserves to be addressed from a legal perspective.  Last week, a series of articles sprung up across Portland area news channels concerning a local transport union’s ongoing contract bargaining dispute.  At the time, activists and an organization called Oregonians … Read More

Struck Pedestrian Gets Large Insurance Settlement

An Oregonian was recently walking through a parking lot to a bus stop when a driver carelessly reversed into him.  This pedestrian was knocked over with such force that his wrist and hip broke.  He called Dwyer Williams Cherkoss PC, experienced auto accident and pedestrian injury attorneys, and hired us to advocate on his behalf … Read More

Generous Insurance Settlement Reached Despite Low Policy Limits

The details of another successful Dwyer Williams Cherkoss PC car accident injury settlement are as follows: our client, a young and able-bodied Central Oregonian woman, was having trouble starting her car.  She popped the hood and manually opened it while waiting for another motorist to pull forward and help her jump-start the car.  This motorist … Read More

Car Accident Injury Settlement Offered Prior to Trial

A woman injured in a recent automobile accident in Bend, Oregon, approached Dwyer Williams Cherkoss PC after a frustrating series of events.  We immediately took this woman on as a client after hearing what she had endured. Our client was driving her car through an intersection in Bend’s downtown area when she was violently struck … Read More

Insurance Provider Settles Pedestrian Collision Claim

Dwyer Williams Cherkoss PC recently settled a lawsuit brought against the insurance provider of a driver who backed into a pedestrian in a grocery store parking lot.  This incident occurred several months ago.  At that time, a female customer was returning her shopping cart to the grocery store’s cart return area after shopping when she … Read More

Preexisting Conditions at Issue in Rear-End Collision

A driver in Eugene, Oregon, was recently the victim of a rear-end collision in which her vehicle sustained minor damage and she suffered a serious lower back injury. This driver contacted Dwyer Williams Cherkoss PC to represent her when her insurance company refused to pay her post-collision medical bills, claiming that her injuries were in … Read More

Insurer Covers Rear-End Collision Injuries

Dwyer Williams Cherkoss PC recently settled a rear-end collision case whose details were all too familiar.  A passenger was sitting in an idling car at a red traffic light when that vehicle was abruptly struck from behind by another motorist.  While the two drivers emerged from this accident unscathed, the passenger in the idling vehicle … Read More