Car Accident

Injured Driver Receives Great Settlement Offer in the Nick of Time

Our client was injured while driving along a major highway in Central Oregon.  Suddenly, another driver traveling in the opposite direction decided to make a U-Turn and ended up crashing into the side of our client’s car. Once he had physically recovered from this accident, our client called the experienced Oregon car accident lawyers at Dwyer Williams Dretke to represent him.

Central Oregon Auto Accident Injury AttorneysOur client sustained several injuries in this accident, and once he had made a complete recovery we discussed his claim with him.  We next sent out a demand package to the at-fault driver’s insurer, but it would not respond.

After making no headway, we called the insurance adjuster’s supervisor and were told that the adjuster who had originally been handling our client’s claim no longer worked at the company.  We continued to keep pressure on the insurance company to make a settlement offer despite never hearing back from them.

Finally, not long before the two year statute of limitations would have expired, our tough auto accident attorneys informed the new insurance adjuster that we would be filing a lawsuit in 48 hours if a settlement offer was not presented to our client.  The new insurance adjuster quickly made our client a new and very good offer and we were able to resolve the case.

Driver Fatigue on Oregon’s Roads

Recent news reports across the state of Oregon have highlighted an important roadway safety issue that deserves to be addressed from a legal perspective.  Last week, a series of articles sprung up across Portland area news channels concerning a local transport union’s ongoing contract bargaining dispute.  At the time, activists and an organization called Oregonians for Safe Transit launched a campaign to raise awareness of bus driver overtime practices that were endangering passengers, pedestrians, and other drivers on the road.  According to a recent report issued by Oregonians for Safe Transit, Portland area bus drivers have been falling asleep on the job due to working as many as 22 hours in a 24-hour period.

Under federal law, which applies to interstate train operators but not to any bus or train operators working within the boundaries of one state, train operators are required to take seven-hour long breaks in between their shifts.  This rule guarantees that train operators have enough time in between shifts to get the rest that they need in order to be coherent and to do their jobs safely.  The Portland drivers who work for some Oregon bus companies are not allowed to work for more than 17 hours without a break, but neither are they guaranteed any specific period of time off between shifts and they are required to pick up extra shifts for colleagues who call in sick.  These factors mean that Portland bus drivers can work two 17 hour long shifts back to back without a break, creating a clear hazard on the road.

The issue of driver fatigue in Oregon was also raised last week in by reporters in Eugene, who discussed national information about driver exhaustion and collision rates.  According to a sited Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) study, a startling 1 out of 24 drivers self-reported having nodded off while driving in the previous month.  This study found that between 15 percent and one-third of our nation’s fatal crashes result from tired drivers.

This CDC study highlights an issue that affects drivers throughout the United States and which is well-documented in Oregon.  According to the Oregon Department of Transportation’s most recent Motor Vehicle Traffic Crash Data publication, last year 8 percent of all motor vehicle crashes in the state of Oregon involved exhausted drivers.  More than 4,000 fatal car crashes on our state’s roadways in 2011 were attributed to fatigued drivers.  This problem is an obvious one that needs continued public policy attention across our state, as is happening in Portland with the bus driver issue and in Eugene with recent news coverage of driver fatigue.

If you or someone you love has been injured in a motor vehicle accident and you believe that fatigue was a factor leading to your injuries, contact an experienced Oregon auto accident attorney right away.  The lawyers at Dwyer Williams Dretke PC have extensive experience in auto accident and personal injury law and they would be happy to research your case and advocate for you in your auto accident injury claim.

Struck Pedestrian Gets Large Insurance Settlement

An Oregonian was recently walking through a parking lot to a bus stop when a driver carelessly reversed into him.  This pedestrian was knocked over with such force that his wrist and hip broke.  He called Dwyer Williams Dretke PC, experienced auto accident and pedestrian injury attorneys, and hired us to advocate on his behalf in this pedestrian accident injury claim.

Our client incurred significant accident-related medical expenses, which exceeded the at-fault driver’s insurance policy limits.  We contacted the at-fault driver’s insurance company and were able to convince it to disclose the at-fault driver’s policy limit.  Once we knew this dollar value, we next informed our client’s health insurance provider that there would be insufficient insurance money to pay all of our client’s accident-related medical and treatment bills.

After several rounds of negotiation, our client’s health insurance provider agreed to cut its lien by 50 percent.  With this reduction in place, we were able to get pay off our client’s accident-related medical expenses and to secure him a large pain and suffering settlement.  Our client was thrilled with his settlement package and with the professional pedestrian injury representation given to him by Dwyer Williams Dretke PC.


Generous Insurance Settlement Reached Despite Low Policy Limits

The details of another successful Dwyer Williams Dretke PC car accident injury settlement are as follows: our client, a young and able-bodied Central Oregonian woman, was having trouble starting her car.  She popped the hood and manually opened it while waiting for another motorist to pull forward and help her jump-start the car.  This motorist accidentally stepped on the gas pedal, which caused his vehicle to lurch forward and pinned our client’s leg between the two cars.  As a result of this incident, our client was seriously injured and she sought immediate medical attention for her accident-related injuries.

The at-fault driver’s insurance provider offered to pay the full policy limit toward our client’s injuries, but unfortunately the at-fault driver was only insured for the minimum amount required under Oregon law.  Under Oregon law, all vehicle insurance policies must carry at least $15,000 in Personal Injury Protection (PIP) coverage.  This meager amount was not enough to cover our client’s prohibitive medical bills.

Our client sought the help of Dwyer Williams Dretke PC because we are experienced auto accident injury lawyers with a track record of success throughout the state of Oregon.  She knew that she could entrust her legal situation with us and that we would secure her the fairest possible settlement given the facts and parties involved in this case.

After reaching out to the health providers that provided services to our client following her accident, we were able to get several to significantly reduce their bills.  We also convinced our client’s insurance provider to waive its lien on the $30,000 in medical expenses that it covered for our client.  Once these arrangements had been made, the case settled and all of our client’s accident-related medical expenses were taken care of.  Our client also received a reasonable settlement to compensate her for her pain and suffering.

Car Accident Injury Settlement Offered Prior to Trial

A woman injured in a recent automobile accident in Bend, Oregon, approached Dwyer Williams Dretke PC after a frustrating series of events.  We immediately took this woman on as a client after hearing what she had endured.

Our client was driving her car through an intersection in Bend’s downtown area when she was violently struck from the side by another driver who failed to yield her the right of way.  Our client clearly had legal right of way because she was midway through the intersection when the crash occurred. The recklessly-driven second car struck our client’s vehicle on the driver’s side, crumpling the front end of her car and inflicting both emotional and physical trauma on our client.

Our client received treatment for her accident-related injuries shortly after the collision took place.  At that time, she approached another Oregonian personal injury lawyer to help her negotiate with the at-fault driver’s insurance provider.  However, her experience with that first attorney was disappointing.  She believed that her case was not given the consideration that it deserved and that her lawyer was not handling the matter proactively or aggressively.  She wanted an expert Oregon auto injury lawyer to take her case and settle it as quickly as possible.

There are many personal injury attorneys in Oregon, but as our client in this case witnessed first-hand, not all personal injury attorneys are equal.  Dwyer Williams Dretke PC is a state-wide personal injury law firm whose attorneys possess a collective 75 years of experience and who specialize in serious accidents and injuries.  Our law firm has settled, mediated, arbitrated, and tried over 650 personal injury or accident cases in the past three years and we have obtained settlements in excess of $10 million on behalf of our injured clients in the past twelve months.

Once our client walked through the doors of Dwyer Williams Dretke PC, her feelings and outlook about her case began to change.  We reviewed the file that her other attorney had opened, ordered updated medical records to substantiate the claims we would eventually provide to the involved insurance providers, evaluated her claim, and immediately began settlement negotiations with the at-fault driver’s insurance company.  After several rounds of negotiation, we obtained a fair settlement offer for our client without the need for protracted litigation.  Our client was thrilled not only with our aggressive and efficient handling of this case, but also with the settlement that we negotiated on her behalf.