Auto Accident Attorney Convinces PIP Carrier to Honor Coverage

It was a gorgeous June day, and our client was driving north on I-5 near Eugene, Oregon with her 4 year old son in the back seat in his car seat. She saw a white Chevy Impala entering the Interstate from an upcoming on-ramp, so she signaled and moved to the left lane. The driver … Read More

Expertise of Auto Accident Attorney Leads to Favorable Settlement

Our client, who lives with his older brother, was running some errands that included filing his brother’s car with gas. He was stopped in a lane of traffic, waiting for the oncoming traffic to clear so he could make a left turn into the Bend, Oregon gas station nearest his brother’s house. While he was … Read More

Lawsuit Motivates Insurance Company to Cover Medical Expenses

Our client was commuting from her home to work in Portland, Oregon one morning when a car making a left turn failed to yield and crashed into the front of her car.  She was injured in the accident and sought medical attention. Her injuries required routine medical care, including physical therapy. Her medical expenses accumulated … Read More

DUII Accident Attorney Settles Claim for Late Client’s Wife

Our client and his wife were driving home from having dinner at their favorite Eugene, Oregon restaurant. Our client, an elderly man, was in his motorized wheelchair, secured in his specially outfitted van, which his wife was driving. They were just a few miles from their house when a drunk driver swerved across the center … Read More