Snowmobile Accidents, Bend Oregon

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Snowmobiles are a fun outdoor activity enjoyed by many during the winter time. They can also be dangerous. To drive a snowmobile in Bend Oregon you must take a safety training class if you are under 16 years and without a driver’s license. The safety class must be approved by the DMV.  After the safety class you will be issued a certificate saying you completed the class. When someone does something that can be dangerous they assume some of the liability. In Oregon, if you are over 51% at fault, you can get no monetary damages if you are injured. Less than 51% at fault, your damages are comparative to your degree of fault.
The company where you bought or rented your snowmobile may say that the snowmobile was regularly inspected by the company, and it is the manufacturer’s fault for the injury. This is called strict liability for a consumer product and in order to prove this you need to prove all of these items:
•    Snowmobile was defective which caused unreasonable danger to users
•    You used snowmobile for its intentional use only
•    Defect caused your injury
•    You suffered injuries
Safety is the number one priority when operating a snowmobile and should be at all times.

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