Settlement Negotiated for Driver Injured in Rear-End Collision

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Dwyer Williams Cherkoss Personal Injury Attorneys recently settled another auto injury personal injury case without the need for cost- and time-intensive litigation.  Our client in the matter was a Central Oregon man who was driving his car along a busy street in downtown Bend when he was badly injured in a car collision.  While driving, our client noticed that the traffic ahead of him was coming to a stop, applied his brakes, and began to slow his car.  Unfortunately the driver behind him failed to notice what was happening on the road and slammed into the back of our client’s vehicle.  Our client was thrown forward by the force of this rear-end collision.

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Our client sought immediate medical attention for his accident-related injuries and completed the course of treatment that his doctors recommended in under six months.  Despite the details of his case being straight-forward, there were problems when it came time for the at-fault driver’s insurance provider to pay our client’s medical bills.  Initially, the insurer refused to pay those bills because they were deemed to be too high.  It is true that our client’s cost of treatment had been extensive, but that was to be expected given the nature and extent of his injuries.

We had anticipated that the insurance company would try to reduce the amount of our client’s total medical bills that it was responsible for covering.  As experienced auto accident attorneys, we also assumed that this adverse insurer would argue that our client had been over-treated, but it overlooked this argument and did not.  This made the response we needed to provide very simple: we argued that our client was simply following his doctor’s orders and that he did nothing more than what was professionally recommended to him.

After several rounds of negotiation, the at-fault driver’s insurance carrier made an offer that was fair, that covered our client’s accident-related medical expenses, and which our client was happy to accept.

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