Oregon’s Rules of the Road Extend to Cyclists and Protect Them

The Oregon Department of Transportation’s Rules of the Road operate as a driver’s manual for everyone driving or riding a vehicle on Oregon roadways. Bicyclists are treated like motor vehicle drivers under these rules in that they are expected to obey Oregon’s traffic laws as outlined for motorized vehicles.  Treating bicycles the same as cars, trucks, or sport utility vehicles seems fair and appropriate in our state, which is home to active bicyclist communities.  Portland, after all, has consistently ranked in the top three “bike friendly” cities across the nation.

Oregon Rules of the Road | Oregon Bicycle Accident AttorneysBut not all vehicles are equal and some kinds of accidents are more dangerous than others because of the vehicles involved. Drivers of cars, trucks and SUVs are required to follow a few additional guidelines and to undertake certain safety precautions that are designed to protect bicyclists due to cyclists’ heightened level of vulnerability on Oregon’s roads.

Some statewide precautions designed to protect Oregon’s bicyclists include:

  • Drivers of motorized passenger vehicles must yield to bicyclists in a bike lane.
  • Drivers of motorized passenger vehicles must yield to bicyclist on a sidewalk.
  • Prohibitions on reckless vehicular assault of bicyclists.
  • Drivers must drive to the left of bicyclist which they pass, at a safe distance, and only return to their original lane a safe distance away.

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