Oregon Jury Awards $1 Million in Punitive Damages for Slip and Fall

An 84-year old man was awarded approximately $1.6 million in a slip and fall lawsuit against a supermarket, $1 million of which was for punitive damages. The case stemmed from an incident in December 2014 when the plaintiff slipped on spilt liquid laundry detergent while walking along one of the aisles of the supermarket.

Cause of Plaintiff’s Slip and Fall

On the day of the incident, a bakery worker at the supermarket informed a defendant’s store employee about a spill in the premises. The store employee looked at the spill and then walked back to the back area of the store. Shortly after, the plaintiff walked across the area and fell on the floor. The defendant supermarket maintained that the spilt liquid came from a container of laundry detergent that was leaking from one of its customers’ carts. Video footage of the incident showed the employee returning to the area after learning of the spill, with a bucket of water and a mop, though quite some time after being advised of it.  In the interim, no warnings of the spill were ever given to the customers of the store.

Plaintiff’s Injuries Due to Slip-and-Fall Accident

Due to the accidental slip, the plaintiff said that he broke one of his femurs which required extensive surgery to attach a metal rod into his broken leg. His injuries further required long and painful rehabilitation and physical therapy in order to recover use of his leg.

More than a year after his fall, the plaintiff still experiences pain and discomfort on his injured leg. He said that his affected leg is too unstable that he is no longer able to perform ordinary activities such as pulling weeds in his garden, holding his great-grandchildren, and taking plane rides to see his extended family. He may also have to sell his home as his unstable leg makes it difficult to navigate the stairs.

After 5 days of deliberations, the jury awarded the plaintiff compensation for his past and future medical and therapy expenses, his pain and suffering, and punitive damages.

If you suffered serious injuries in a slip and fall accident on another person’s property, you will need all the help you can get to completely recover from your fall. Talk to an experienced slip and fall attorney who can determine whether another party caused your injuries and the next steps to recover compensation, if appropriate.

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