Oregon Dog Attack Victim with a Torn Rotator Cuff Injury Receives Settlement

Our client in this unfortunate dog attack was walking his dog on leash through a dog park when he encountered another man walking his dog off leash. The other dog immediately took off in the direction of our client’s dog and attacked it. While trying to rescue his dog from this unexpected dog attack, our client tore his left shoulder’s rotator cuff. The other dog’s owner  apologized for the accident and admitted that his dog had a history of attacking other dogs, but the damage had been done.

Medford Oregon Dog Bite Injury AttorneysOur client was uninsured when this dog attack occurred and he couldn’t pay for the surgery needed to repair his shoulder injury. He called the veteran dog bite and animal attack lawyers at Dwyer Williams Cherkoss Accident Injury Attorneys to represent him.

Our attorneys contacted the aggressive dog’s owner and got his home insurance information to see whether or not the insurance policy provided for up-front medical coverage for dog bites. This is an increasingly common provision of home insurance policies, and luckily for our client in this case, the aggressive dog’s owner possessed a small amount of dog attack insurance. Unfortunately, that insurance amount was not large enough to cover the cost of the surgery our client needed.

After several rounds of negotiations, our compassionate Oregon dog bite lawyers, led by Arne Cherkoss, were able to settle the case for an amount that covered our client’s future surgery, his anticipated time off work for the surgery, and of course for his pain and suffering. Our client was pleased with the results and went ahead with the surgery to his left rotator cuff so that he could return to life as quickly as possible, having made a full physical recovery.

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