Obtaining Medical Treatment in Your Oregon Workers’ Compensation Claim

My last blog post was the first in a series that I’ll be posting this month on workers’ compensation in the state of Oregon.  In that post, I discussed how you go about filing an Oregon workers’ compensation claim when you have been injured in the workplace or doing something work-related.

The next issue that I want to address concerns how you obtain medical treatment following your workplace injury or illness.  Many clients who I help file Oregon workers’ compensation claims ask what kinds of treatment they are entitled to receive after sustaining a workplace injury.  Here is the simple rule: if your claim is accepted, the workers’ compensation insurer will pay for any and all medical treatment that is related to the accepted conditions listed on your “Notice of Acceptance”.   If your claim is denied, however, you may have to pay for your medical treatment.

Your employer’s workers’ compensation insurance company may enroll you in a managed care organization (MCO) while you are being treated.  MCOs are organizations that coordinate medical services to groups of workers.  If your insurer is covered by an MCO contract, then you might have to get treatment for your workplace injuries from an MCO healthcare provider rather than from a provider of your choosing.  MCO healthcare providers will provide you with whatever treatment you need because of your work-related injuries, and the insurance provider will pay for those services.

Make sure to check back here to read my next blog post, which will discuss wage loss and Oregon workers’ compensation claims.

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