No Trip Ups in Settling Slip & Fall Claim

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It was early winter, and our client stopped at Big R in Redmond, Oregon while running errands. On his way into the store, he noticed a new display of snow blowers outside the door. Premises Liability – Oregon Slip, Trip and Fall Attorneys | Oregon Personal Injury Attorneys Thinking that he could perhaps use a new snow blower, he moved toward the display to get a better look. His foot landed on a hard-to-see icy patch on the walkway and he fell awkwardly, pulling his groin and hurting his lower back.

Our client had to seek medical care and he missed work while recovering from his injuries. He wanted the store to accept liability for the unsafe conditions, and he sought the representation of an Oregon premises liability attorney.

Upon taking his case, I requested a copy of his medical records and reviewed the statement he had made to the insurance adjuster after the accident. I was also able to review photos of the scene of the accident. I met with the client and gave him a fair evaluation of his case. Then, I submitted the documents supporting his claim to the insurance company.

After reviewing our documentation, the insurance company opened negotiations. We had several intense rounds of negotiation, and I was able to secure a fair settlement offer for our client that included coverage of his medical expenses, reimbursement of his lost wages, and compensation for his pain and suffering. With an Oregon Personal Injury Attorney on his side, our client was able to resolve his claim favorably and get back to his normal life.

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