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Car accidents can cause significant injury and result in long term complications. If you've been injured in a car crash you should speak to an experienced Eugene car accident attorney immediately.  At Dwyer Williams Cherkoss we have won millions of dollars in settlements for our clients over the past 2 years. Injuries from accidents often take a great deal of time to heal.  But they might also require extensive surgery and rehabilitation.  We make sure our clients receive fair compensation not only for medical expenses but for lost wages during this period.

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As many as 34-35,000 people die in up to 30,000 fatal automobile accidents across America each year, with many thousands more suffering severe and debilitating injuries which take a long time to heal. The total number of car accidents in America each year stands at more than five and a half million. The victims of that significant portion where the blame can be placed upon a specific at-fault party deserve to be compensated for their pain and suffering. They deserve to have their medical bills covered, and to be compensated for lost wages due to time missed at work. There are a variety of contributing factors which can determine whether someone is at fault in an accident:

  • Alcohol: this is a common risk factor in accidents. Alcohol impairs judgment, removes inhibitions, and impedes reaction time. It makes it more difficult to focus on the task at hand, and leaves a person far more readily distracted by other sources of sensory input... a cellphone going off, a GPS screen, or a song that the driver particularly dislikes suddenly coming on the radio. As many as 1 in 3 fatalities in automobile accidents in the US may be attributed directly to drunk driving.
  • Distractions: our modern lives – and our modern cars – are packed with distractions. We have cellphones which allow for instant messaging, internet access, and movie-watching. We have cars which display GPS maps, have DVD screens, and come standard with satellite radio. There has even been a resurgence, in recent years, of quirky automobile content – such as mood lights which react to the tempo of the music being played. This is a growing problem; presently, approximately 1 in 8 fatalities may be attributed to distracted drivers, but that proportion is increasing rapidly. By 2017, it is expected to reach 1 in 6.
  • Speeding may in fact be the primary cause of as few as 5% of the total volume of accidents in the United States today, but speeding (and aggressive driving behaviors in general) cause a disproportionate amount of the serious injuries and fatalities. An accident which happens at 80 mph is far more likely to be fatal than one which occurs at 60mph, or 30mph. Speed limits are set specifically to curb speeds which have been carefully evaluated as being unsafe for the conditions imposed by a particular stretch of road or highway. As many as 1 in 3 serious accidents may be attributed to speeding.

If you have suffered serious injury as the result of an accident in which the other driver was deemed at fault, you deserve help in having your life put back together. You need to call an experienced car accident attorneys in Eugene, and set up an appointment to have your case looked at. If you don't live in Eugene, not to worry; we have multiple offices present within the greater region. Call us to schedule an appointment with one of our car accident lawyers and get someone in your corner working towards the compensation that you are owed for bills, medical expenses, pain and suffering, and any number of other potential concerns.

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