Car Accident Injury Settlement Offered Prior to Trial

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A woman injured in a recent automobile accident in Bend, Oregon, approached Dwyer Williams Cherkoss PC after a frustrating series of events.  We immediately took this woman on as a client after hearing what she had endured.

Our client was driving her car through an intersection in Bend’s downtown area when she was violently struck from the side by another driver who failed to yield her the right of way.  Our client clearly had legal right of way because she was midway through the intersection when the crash occurred. The recklessly-driven second car struck our client’s vehicle on the driver’s side, crumpling the front end of her car and inflicting both emotional and physical trauma on our client.

Our client received treatment for her accident-related injuries shortly after the collision took place.  At that time, she approached another Oregonian personal injury lawyer to help her negotiate with the at-fault driver’s insurance provider.  However, her experience with that first attorney was disappointing.  She believed that her case was not given the consideration that it deserved and that her lawyer was not handling the matter proactively or aggressively.  She wanted an expert Oregon auto injury lawyer to take her case and settle it as quickly as possible.

There are many personal injury attorneys in Oregon, but as our client in this case witnessed first-hand, not all personal injury attorneys are equal.  Dwyer Williams Cherkoss PC is a state-wide personal injury law firm whose attorneys possess a collective 75 years of experience and who specialize in serious accidents and injuries.  Our law firm has settled, mediated, arbitrated, and tried over 650 personal injury or accident cases in the past three years and we have obtained settlements in excess of $10 million on behalf of our injured clients in the past twelve months.

Once our client walked through the doors of Dwyer Williams Cherkoss PC, her feelings and outlook about her case began to change.  We reviewed the file that her other attorney had opened, ordered updated medical records to substantiate the claims we would eventually provide to the involved insurance providers, evaluated her claim, and immediately began settlement negotiations with the at-fault driver’s insurance company.  After several rounds of negotiation, we obtained a fair settlement offer for our client without the need for protracted litigation.  Our client was thrilled not only with our aggressive and efficient handling of this case, but also with the settlement that we negotiated on her behalf.

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