Head On Collisions

To be a driver in Oregon, you must have insurance according to ORS 806.010 and that insurance must include: * $25,000 per person for bodily injury * $50,000 per accident for bodily injury to others * $20,000 per crash for property damage The driver also needs to have Personal Injury Protection to include: * $15,000 … Read More

Child Car Seat Expiration Dates are Important!

Car seats expire – for real. However, it is a sneakily quiet expiration, unlike the milk in the fridge that goes bad.  It is up to the parents to figure out when a car seat will expire.  However, this is a vitally important task, particularly if the car seat was not bought new, or you are using … Read More

Have you or someone you love experienced a dog bite?

Oregon State Law and Bend City Ordinances on Dog Bites At the Oregon State Level: At the Oregon state level, when a dog bites another person, the dog owner can be held liable for the injury. The dog owner has a duty to properly restrain their dog and leave the dog with an appropriate caretaker … Read More

I just got in a car accident, who is going to pay my medical bills?

Car Accident Related Medical Expenses By Arne Cherkoss Generally speaking, the insurance company covering the car you were in at the time of the car accident will cover your medical bills, at least initially.  This is called PIP, or Personal Injury Protection.  You may recall that PIP is available regardless of fault.  Please see my … Read More

Do I have to use turn signals?

By Arne Cherkoss The short answer is, yes. Oregon law requires the use of turn signals Every day I see drivers who fail to use their turn signals.  I’m not sure if they are aware that Oregon law requires the use of turn signals.  Notwithstanding the law, it just makes good sense to let other … Read More

Great result, shabby coverage.

I very recently arbitrated a case where my client seriously injured his neck in a car accident, requiring surgery. However, he had surgery at the same level six months prior to the accident. The guy who hit him was underinsured, so he turned a portion of the claim over to his UIM carrier, Farmers. Because … Read More