$100,000 Auto Accident Tendon Injury and Lost Wage Award

Our client was driving along a Central Oregon highway when a second motorist pulled into her lane without first making sure that it was clear. That motorist struck our client’s car, causing substantial property damage. Our client’s most significant injuries were a torn tendon in her right ankle that required surgery and a partially torn tendon in her left wrist. Due to her ankle and wrist injuries, our client was unable to resume work immediately following the accident.

Our client was trying to recover from her accident and was having difficulties understanding the insurance process. She was unsure if her medical bills were being paid and she was anxious because she was not being paid for the work she was missing. She hired the experienced personal and auto accident injury attorneys at Dwyer Williams Dretke to represent her in this confusing matter.

We helped our client fill out the necessary insurance paperwork to ensure that her medical bills were being paid. We also helped her to recovery lost wage payments from her insurance company while she was recuperating from her accident-related tendon injuries.

At the conclusion of the case, the at-fault driver’s insurance carrier offered its full policy limits of $100,000 to resolve the claim. However, our client’s insurer believed that it was entitled to reimbursement for medical payments and wage loss. We argued that it was not entitled to this money because it failed to perfect its lien under Oregon law and because our client would not be made whole if her insurer were to take a large percentage of the settlement. The insurer ultimately relented and waived its lien, leaving our client with the full $100,000 settlement.

Abdominal Gunshot Wound Injury – $100,000

A motorist in our client’s neighborhood habitually sped through the streets. Our client became increasingly concerned for the safety of the children who play in the area. He walked over to the speeder’s apartment to discuss these concerns and a man answered the door with a gun in his hand. This man shot our client in the abdomen.

Our client was rushed to the hospital and underwent emergency surgery. His life-saving medical bills exceeded $150,000 and he was uninsured and unsure what to do. He hired Dwyer Williams Dretke PC to represent him. We learned that, despite the shooter claiming that this event was an unintended accident, the District Attorney charged the shooter. Because the shooting was considered a crime, our client was able to tap into the State of Oregon’s Victim’s Assistance Program. Victim’s Assistance paid $20,000 of our client’s medical expenses and most of the remaining balance was waived.

Our investigation next revealed that the shooter had renter’s insurance. We contacted the shooter’s insurance carrier, submitted our client’s medical records and bills, and were immediately offered the $100,000 policy limits. There was no other insurance money available to compensate our client for his injuries. Nevertheless, due to the numerous write-offs, our client was pleased to be able to walk away with a substantial amount of money.

Pedestrain Injured in Oregon Hit and Run Accident Gets Settlement

Our client in this case was injured while walking south on the shoulder of South Main Street in Myrtle Creek, Oregon. The defendant was driving southward in his pickup truck when, as witnesses observed and testified, he swerved to the right over the fog line and hit our client.

Our client was sent “flying through the air” then the defendant moved back onto the roadway where he “accelerated, and took off traveling south on South Main Street.”  Three days after the accident occurred, the defendant contacted the Myrtle Creek Police stating that he had read about the accident and thought he might have been involved.  Following the police interview, he was arrested and cited for the Class B Felony of failure to perform a driver’s duties to injured persons.

Oregon Hit and Run Accident Injury Lawyers

Our client was transported by ambulance from the accident site to a local hospital.  He was admitted to intensive care with the following injuries: splenic laceration, right renal injuries, multiple left rib fractures, multiple lumbar transverse process fractures, multiple contusions/abrasions, and a left fibula fracture. He was discharged five days later.

Two months after being released from the hospital, our client began to experience headaches. He was also experiencing continued pain in his middle to lower back. He sought treatment at the emergency room in Eugene, Oregon, where he was diagnosed with high blood pressure. Because our client was on the road for work at the time, his treating physician instructed him to seek follow-up medical attention in the next town he hit.

Approximately one month later he was seen at a medical clinic in Salem, Oregon, where he was again diagnosed with high blood pressure. He was prescribed Clonidine, Tramadol, and buffered aspirin and was provided with a blood pressure kit for self-monitoring his blood pressure. Our client was then scheduled for a renal ultrasound and referred to a cardiologist for consultation. His medical bills for all of this accident-related injury treatment were through the roof.

Because our client was unsure who was to pay his medical bills, and was unsure how to proceed with a claim against the at fault driver, he contacted the experienced Oregon auto accident injury lawyers at Dwyer Williams Dretke Accident Injury Lawyers to represent him.

We were able to establish a PIP claim with the at fault driver’s insurance company and get all of our client’s medical bills paid. This was his main worry and he was thrilled when it was put to rest. Once our client’s treatment was complete, we obtained all of his medical records and bills and sent a demand package to the adverse insurance company. We were able to guide our client through his treatment and to obtain a fair and reasonable settlement with the at fault driver’s insurance company. Our client was fairly compensated for the pain, suffering, and disruption to his life that their irresponsible insured driver has caused.

Uninsured Semi Truck Accident Victim Makes Full Recovery

Our client in this accident was the passenger in a semi-truck that was towing a trailer. The defendant was driving a car that crossed the center-line and collided with our client’s semi head-on. The collision flung our client into the dashboard, which seriously injured her. Directly following the crash, our client was transported by air ambulance to a local emergency room, where she was examined and tested prior to being released.

Oregon Semi-Truck Accident AttorneysOur client sustained injuries to her neck and back, in addition to breaking several fingers and experiencing a seizure after the accident. Several months went by before she obtained additional treatment from several clinics in Idaho for approximately two months. After a gap of approximately seven months, she returned to Oregon and was seen at several clinics.

Because she was a passenger in the semi at the time of her accident, no personal injury protection (PIP) benefits were available to pay our client’s medical bills. Our experienced Oregon semi-truck accident injury attorneys immediately went to work getting our client on the Oregon Health Plan. OHP eventually paid the majority of her Oregon medical bills and we were also able to get Idaho Medicaid to pay the majority of the bills she incurred there.

Because no action had previously been taken in our client’s case, we were able to quickly establish a claim with the at-fault driver’s insurance company and to establish an under-insured claim with the semi’s insurance carrier. Our team was able to obtain a policy limit settlement from the at-fault driver’s insurance as well as an under-insured settlement through the semi’s insurance company. Our client was thrilled to have landed in the capable hands of Richard at Dwyer Williams Dretke Accident Injury Attorneys.

Tripled Settlement For Bend Auto Accident Victim After DWP Files Lawsuit

Our client was leaving a Bend hospital after meeting with her doctor when she was injured in a sudden auto accident. She had pulled up to a stop sign but couldn’t see traffic clearly because of some shrubbery obstructing her view.  As she inched forward to make sure that the roadway was clear, a motorist behind her mistakenly assumed that she was accelerating into the street.  He drove his car into the back of our client’s vehicle, injuring her.

Oregon Auto Accident Injury Lawyers Hospital parking Lot CollisionOur client sought immediate medical treatment for her accident related injuries and then approached the at-fault driver’s insurance company in order to resolve her claim.  The insurance company resolved to negotiate in good faith.  At this point, she realized that she needed advice and representation by experienced and tough Oregon auto accident lawyers.

As soon as we were retained as counsel to our client, we reviewed her medical records and sent a demand to the insurance company.  Unfortunately, we were initially unable to get the insurer to increase its offer by much.  After consulting our client, we filed a lawsuit.  Soon after depositions, the insurance company approached us and offered to settle for three times the amount that it offered our client before she had legal counsel.  We accepted the offer and our client was happy with the result.