On The Job Unloading Lumber Injury – $314,000

Our client sustained injuries to his wrist and shoulder while unloading lumber from a truck. The workers’ compensation insurer denied coverage of the injury, but when Dwyer Williams Dretke PC took the matter to trial, the jury awarded our client $314,000.

Falling Overhead Luggage Neck Injury – $325,000

During takeoff on a flight, a bag fell from an overhead bin and hit our client directly on the head. He suffered neck and shoulder injuries from the impact, which required corrective surgery. The airline’s insurance company denied liability. We took the matter to a judicial settlement conference and received $325,000 for our client.

Single-Car Roll-Over Accident – $325,000

During a roll-over accident, our client sustained complex right ear lacerations and avulsion as well as multiple lacerations to the scalp and face. These conditions required surgery and left our client with significant facial scarring. After conferring with the treating physicians, and negotiating with insurance companies numerous times, we obtained a $325,000 settlement.

Fractured Pelvis in a Roll-Over Accident – $345,000

Our client sustained multiple pelvis fractures during a roll-over accident. The insurance company made no settlement offer to our client before he hired us, but we were able to obtain a $345,000 settlement on his behalf.

$400,000 Gym Equipment Failure (Premises Liability)

Our client suffered a traumatic head injury while using an improperly-maintained piece of equipment at a fitness center. The insurance company denied liability, but after considerable litigation we settled the case for $400,000.