Medical Expenses Reduced for Injured Motorcyclist

Dwyer Williams Cherkoss PC was recently contacted by a man who was seriously injured while riding his motorcycle.  This man was lawfully riding through a quiet neighborhood when he was abruptly struck by a motorist who backed out of a driveway without inspecting oncoming traffic. He was knocked clear off of his motorcycle and he … Read More

Insurance Provider Settles Pedestrian Collision Claim

Dwyer Williams Cherkoss PC recently settled a lawsuit brought against the insurance provider of a driver who backed into a pedestrian in a grocery store parking lot.  This incident occurred several months ago.  At that time, a female customer was returning her shopping cart to the grocery store’s cart return area after shopping when she … Read More

Preexisting Conditions at Issue in Rear-End Collision

A driver in Eugene, Oregon, was recently the victim of a rear-end collision in which her vehicle sustained minor damage and she suffered a serious lower back injury. This driver contacted Dwyer Williams Cherkoss PC to represent her when her insurance company refused to pay her post-collision medical bills, claiming that her injuries were in … Read More

Negligence Found in Dog Attack Injury Claim

Several months ago, Dwyer Williams Cherkoss PC was contacted by the mother of a young girl who was attacked and bitten by her neighbor’s dog. The girl’s mother sought an attorney well-versed in dog bite liability to represent her injured daughter and to seek damages against the dog’s owner. After hearing the details of the … Read More