Vehicle Collision Case Example

Vehicle Collision

Our Client:

  • Our client was in his 50’s and worked in a scrap yard. He was married with several young children still at home.

The Facts:

  • Our client and his son were on their way home when the vehicle collision happened. They stopped in the turn lane of the highway. While stopped, a commercial truck slammed into them at full speed, pushing their car into the oncoming lane of travel where they were hit head-on by a full-size truck. Our client’s car was demolished in the vehicle collision.

His Injuries:

  • Our client sustained terrible injuries, including facial fractures, jaw fracture, a neck fracture, torn rotator cuff, blindness in one eye, fractured right arm, multiple fractures and surgery of left wrist and hand, fractured left leg, multiple fractures of left knee, fractures of both lower legs, fractures of both ankles. He was hospitalized for weeks, and underwent several surgeries. His injuries are permanent.

Our Client’s Problem:

  • The insurance company for the water truck said that our client’s brake lights and turn signal were not on at the time of the collision<, blaming our client for the accident. Moreover, because our client was not a big city guy, the insurance company felt he didn’t deserve fair compensation.

The Result of the Vehicle Collision Case:

  • We mediated the case with an experienced judge, and obtained a $2,000,000 settlement. We were able to invest a portion of the settlement funds, giving our client a consistent income for years to come, and netting him well in excess of the $2,000,000 settlement amount.

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