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Serious car accidents may involve head trauma, injuries to the neck and back, and even long-term disability. Many insurance companies employ a number of tactics to reduce or minimize claim settlements and payments. As a result, many car accident injury victims have little choice but to go to court in order to recover compensation proportional to the actual cost of their injuries.

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Dwyer Williams Cherkoss Attorneys, PC is dedicated to effective representation of those who are injured auto accidents because of the negligence of other drivers. Our experienced personal injury attorneys have a 98% success rate. We strive to provide exemplary legal services and we are firmly committed to maximizing settlement values so that our clients can focus on recovering and taking care of their families.

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Auto Accident Lawyers in Bend, OR

As one of the fastest growing cities in Oregon, Bend has its fair share of automobile accidents.  If you've been involved in a car crash, you need representation that can help you get fair compensation for medical and other expenses.  The injury attorneys at Dwyer Williams Cherkoss Attorneys, PC are here to help. There are hundreds of millions of privately owned vehicles currently registered and on the road in the United States today. More than 250 million people take to the streets in their personal vehicles on a daily basis. Relative to the total number of cars and trucks on the road, the number of accidents – and the number of serious injuries and fatalities resulting – is really quite small; automobile travel remains one of the safest ways to get from A to B. The sheer number of cars on the road, however, means that the possibility of an accident, including one resulting in serious injury, is never entirely removed. There are roughly 5.5 million car accidents per year, amounting to a mathematical average of fifteen thousand car accidents per day. Considering that the total number of cars on the road each day is close to 300 million, it's almost too easy to become complacent... which is quite possibly the reason why so many people speed, drive erratically, choose to drive while under the influence, and ignore basic traffic safety laws. These play significantly into the 30,000 accidents per year which result in at least one fatality per accident (with the total number of fatalities being closer to 34,000).

  • Alcohol is a common risk factor in car accidents. According to multiple studies, drivers with an unsafe blood alcohol content are responsible for approximately 1 in 3 fatal car accidents. This works out to about 30 deaths per day, or one death every 48 minutes.
  • Distracted drivers can be just as dangerous as those who are driving under the influence, since it amounts to the same thing: somebody who isn't paying attention to the road. This is a relatively recent concern at its present magnitude, due to the modern prevalence of potential distractions (such as cellphones, texting, and on-board video and GPS displays). Still, some estimates say that as many as 12 accidental traffic-related deaths are caused each day in the US by driver distraction. This is roughly 1 out of 8 traffic-related deaths... the same proportion attributed to semi-truck and other large vehicle accidents.
  • Speeding may in fact be the primary cause of as few as 5% of the total volume of accidents in the United States today, but speeding (and aggressive driving behaviors in general) cause a disproportionate amount of the serious injuries and fatalities. Speeding and other aggressive behaviors provide an exponential increase to the forces that are involved when an accident does occur. Up to 1/3 of driving-related deaths involve speeding – the same amount as can be attributed to driving under the influence, although there is some significant overlap.

These are just a few of the types of accidents where the fault often lies with one particular driver. If you or someone you know has been injured in an accident where the other driver was speeding, driving under the influence, or driving while distracted, you are most likely owed damages to compensate you for your medical expenses and for pain and suffering. Call our Bend, OR offices today, and set up an appointment to have your case looked at. You deserve to be back on your feet and functioning as quickly as possible.