Beaverton City is situated in the Tualatin River Valley, some 7 miles away from downtown Portland. With complete amenities and numerous choices for shopping, dining, accommodations, recreational and fun activities, Beaverton was considered by Money magazine as one of the 100 ‘best places to live’ in the United States in 2010.

Forming part of the Washington County in Oregon, Beaverton has a land area of 18.73 square miles and an estimated population of 89,803. The climate in Beaverton is characterized by warm and dry summers with almost 16 hours of daylight and wet winters with minor snowfall. Interesting places to see in Beaverton include the Oak Knoll Winery, Cooper Mountain, Meriwether National Golf Club and Dairy Creek.

Its economy is driven by businesses in various industries, particularly in computer and electronic products, professional, scientific and technical services, construction, accommodation and food services, and finance and insurance. Beaverton is home to the world headquarters of Nike. Most residents of Beaverton work as computer specialists, sales and related workers, engineers or hold management occupations.

Transport Options in Beaverton

The usual modes of transportation in and around Beaverton are by car, bus and bicycle. Riding a bicycle is part of daily life in Beaverton, Oregon. As road conditions for bicycling improve, more people have been using bicycles to get to work.

Riding a bicycle along Beaverton roads exposes bicyclists to risks of serious accidents. Bicycle accident statistics indicate that the most common causes of bicycle accidents involve getting hit by a motor vehicle. Bicycle accidents can cause severe injuries such as head and brain injury, fractures, and even death.

Wearing safety gear such as a helmet and bright-colored outfits and observing road safety rules may help minimize injuries and reduce risks of an accident. But if the bike accident is due to someone else’s fault such as a distracted driver, you may be entitled to compensation for your injuries.

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