Why an Insurer in Oregon May Discourage You From Hiring a Personal Injury Attorney

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Hiring a Personal Injury Lawyer

Suffering from a personal injury in an accident due to another person’s fault can be the worst nightmare for anyone. If you have been involved in such an accident, you will have a lot to worry about before you even think of the ensuing medical costs and possible loss of income if you are unable to attend work.

In the midst of this unforeseen crisis, the last thing you need is an insurance company representative to mislead you with wrong advice that could end up compounding your troubles.

The Insurance Adjuster is not Your Friend

Do not make the mistake of presuming that the insurance company will cover all your medical costs and other potential damages, while you can focus on your recovery.

It is not so simple. Although on a personal level, an insurance adjuster could be an empathetic individual, but the reality is that they are the insurance company’s paid employees.

They are trained to negotiate in a certain way, and they are experienced in strategies to convince you against hiring a personal injury attorney.

Their professional goal is to have you settle your claim in the shortest possible time for the smallest possible amount. Clearly, the insurance adjuster will operate in their own best interests, which are you a direct opposite of your interests.

They have advanced negotiation skills and their arguments may sound extremely convincing. That is their daily job. The best way to resist their arguments is to avoid speaking to them.

Your goal should be to look for an accomplished and committed Oregon personal injury attorney, and let them do the talking on your behalf with the insurance company. That’s because the attorney is on the same side as you – they get compensated when you get compensated.

Why does the Insurance Company Want You to Settle without an Attorney?

The insurance company may discourage you against the idea of hiring an experienced Oregon personal injury lawyer.

They will do it not because it is going to save you money, but because it is going to save them money. The whole business of an insurance company rests in minimizing the claims they have to pay out. That is their only profit, everything else is an expense.

If you hire an attorney who is experienced at negotiating with insurers for personal injury claims, and who understands their business objectives and tactics, they will be compelled to pay a fair and well-deserved amount towards your claim.

A simple rule of thumb should be that if the insurance company is showing exceptional interest in convincing you to settle, and making enticing promises, it most likely means that they are worried that large damages are almost a certainty if you hire a lawyer.

Many unsuspecting victims are no match for the brilliant convincing skills of insurance adjusters, and may end up letting the insurer off for a few pennies on the dollar.

Therefore, if you have been recently involved in a car accident, the right option for you would be to hire a solid and dependable Oregon personal injury lawyer to represent your case.

The Symptoms of an Injury may Manifest Later

Some of the serious internal injuries of the head, neck, spine, and other areas may not reveal their symptoms quickly. An experienced personal injury lawyer will be able to help the victim receive the best possible medical guidance for an accurate diagnosis.

The legal counselor will encourage the victim to share every concern with the doctor, and inform about any pain, discomfort, nausea, memory lapse, vision changes, or another sign or symptom that they may be experiencing, even intermittently.

Instead of being scared of the diagnosis, it is important to tell everything clearly to the doctor. An attorney can play a supportive role in such situations, and make sure that the victim receives the right medical advice.

An insurance company, on the other hand, would be interested in the earliest possible claim settlement that does not take into account future health problems, long term care or rehabilitation.

Once the victim has signed on the dotted line with the insurance company, there is no going back on it. Therefore, it is recommended to think 10 times before getting into a direct discussion or settlement with the insurance adjuster without first seeking legal representation for your claim.

Don’t Provide a Recorded Statement to the Insurance Adjuster

One of the common mistakes unsuspecting victims make is to give a recorded statement to the insurance adjuster on the phone, which could ultimately work against them and dent the value of their claim.

The insurance adjuster may convince them into giving the statement when they are in a most vulnerable position, and trying to recover from the shock and trauma of the accident.

Any seeming empathy from the insurance adjuster should not be taken at its face value in such a situation. They may request in a seemingly friendly manner to the victim to share their views or opinion about how the accident occurred.

When they do this, they know exactly what they are doing. But the victim does not. An average person would instinctively feel like being courteous and helpful to the insurance adjuster on the phone. They would have no reason to distrust the adjuster’s motives.

However, the safest way is to avoid speaking to an insurance company representative over the phone, and refuse to record any statement.

Don’t Authorize the Insurer to Collect Medical Records

Your medical records constitute vital evidence in your personal injury case. Do not authorize the representative of the insurer to collect these medical records. If you suffered injuries in the past or had certain health issues in the past, these could be used against you in the court by the insurer.

They may try to show your new injury did not stem from the accident, but was a result of a past medical problem or injury. Past injuries and their relationship with the new injury can complicate the evidence.

There are potential legal issues involved in these types of situations, which should be best figured out by a knowledgeable attorney. The legal professional will ensure that the insurance company gets to see only such previous medical records of yours, which they are legally entitled to see, and no more.

Resist the Temptation of a Rushed Settlement

A rushed settlement in a personal injury case is almost always a bad idea. If you rush to settle before you have hired an attorney, or even understand fully how seriously you may have been injured, you could end up being on the losing end.

Yes, you will have an anxiety to receive cash to pay the mounting medical bills, and to run your household expenses if you are unable to work and money is no longer coming in.

However, it will work in your own favor if you wait for settlement until the medical professionals have fully determined the extent and nature of your injuries, what kind of treatment may be necessary, and how long it may take for the treatment to be completed.

At the same time, you cannot afford to wait for too long because of the Oregon statute of limitations for filing a personal injury lawsuit.

In this kind of a complex situation, where you have to evaluate all the medical, legal, and financial factors, the right approach would be to hire the services of a dependable attorney who will stand by you and help you achieve the best possible results in your unique situation.

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