What is Cervical Disc Arthroplasty

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Cervical disc arthroplasty is surgery on the neck joints which is done for a variety of reasons, the main reason is pain or loss of function. Problems with the cervical disc can cause arm pain, arm weakness or numbness, with some degrees of neck pain. A cause of neck joint pain can be a herniated disc or osteophytes which compresses the adjacent nerves or spinal cord. A herniated disc is when a portion of the spinal disc is pushed outside of its normal boundaries.
A herniated disc can be caused by many things, some common causes are:
•    Aging
•    A person’s physical condition
•    Injury from a sudden heavy strain or increased pressure on back
•    Repetitive activities that stress the lower back such as poor lifting habits or a sports related motion done over and over
If a person’s job requires repetitive lifting, they should make sure that they follow all safety guidelines their job has put in place. If there is a work related injury, the employee can file a workman’s compensation claim. An injured employee, may file a workman’s compensation claim so they can get monetary compensation for the injury they received while on the job. Workman’s compensation pays for medical services and gives money to the employee for time away from work. There are four different types of disabilities that arise from an injury:
•    Temporary Partial Disability
•    Temporary Total Disability
•    Permanent Partial Disability
•    Permanent Total Disability
Whatever the cause of neck joint pain, any treatment should be done under a doctor’s supervision. If you’ve been injured at work the first thing you should do is talk with an attorney about your financial protection.

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