Traffic Jam Auto Accident Takes Express Lane to Settlement

Our client was out of town, visiting friends. One afternoon, driving back to her friends’ house after some sightseeing and shopping, she was stopped in traffic behind a long line of cars. Oregon Auto Car Accident Attorneys, Accident Attorney Oregon | Dwyer Williams Cherkoss PC   | Oregon Personal Injury Attorneys While she was waiting for traffic to start moving again, another driver failed to see that traffice was stopped and rear-ended her car. Because she was in a line of stopped cars, this had the unfortunate effect of causing her to hit the car in front of her. She essentially had two wrecks, and the double impact caused multiple injuries.

The most significant of her injuries was to her back, on which she’d had surgery several months prior to her car accident. Her auto accident injuries required medical treatment, and she filed an insurance claim to recover her medical expenses.

Of course, the insurance company refused her claim, arguing that all of her injuries were pre-existing. Frustrated, she contacted us, experienced Oregon auto accident injury lawyers.

When I took her case, I reviewed her accident-related medical records as well as her medical records from before the accident. Luckily, she had MRIs on record from both before and after the accident, and these helped me show not only which injuries were new – and attributable to the car accident – but also that the accident had exacerbated some of her pre-existing injuries. I presented my findings to the insurance company, making a strong case that our client had indeed sustained new injuries in the auto accident.

Presented with the evidence, the insurance company made an offer of a fair settlement, and our client was able to recover the costs of her medical expenses and property loss without the case having to go into litigation.

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