Tips for Smart Handling of Your Car Accident Case

Tips for Smart Handling of Your Car Accident Case

It is important to understand your rights and take early steps to ensure you will meet the requirements for compensation to support your injuries and property damage after a car accident. While we always recommend that you hire a personal injury attorney to help guide you through the legal process, you will likely encounter a few of these situations within the initial hours and days after your accident.

Here are the top five actions to take:

#1 – File an accident report with the DMV. In the state of Oregon, you must report an accident to the DMV within 72 if the accident results in death, injury, a car was towed from the scene, or property value exceeded $1,500. Keep in mind, this report is separate from the police report. If you do not file it, you risk suspension of your driver’s license and it may also be difficult to win your case without it.

#2 – Refrain from recording a statement with an insurance company. Insurance adjusters are trained to pull information from people that may be used to reduce or even deny compensation. It is important to report the accident to the insurance company, but refrain from providing a formal, recorded statement until you meet with a legal expert.

#3 – Follow up with your medical treatment. Insurance adjusters assume any lapses in medical appointments and treatment indicate the injury might be less serious than originally stated and would seek to reduce your compensation accordingly. It is important to keep up with all appointments and treatments recommended by your medical professionals.

#4 – Do not accept a quick payout. Insurance companies often will offer a low amount right away to get you to settle early. Once you accept the settlement, you are unable to make any further claims. You may be entitled to more compensation if you go through the proper legal procedures.

#5 – Seek legal advice early in the process. For all the reasons outlined above, seeking legal assistance early can help bolster your case. We have come across many clients over the years who hold off contacting an attorney until after they had already made choices that hindered their chances of receiving the proper compensation. Seek advice from a personal injury attorney right away after a car accident so you can receive the appropriate guidance.

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If you or a loved one has been injured in a car accident in Oregon, you should choose a qualified and proven personal injury lawyer who understands Oregon law and who will work to establish the at-fault party’s liability.

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