Tim Williams’ Personal Life and Values (OTLA Spotlight)

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My last three posts in this series (about our lead litigator Tim Williams, personal injury law, and professional service) discussed Oregon Trial Lawyers Association (OTLA)’s recent profile of our Tim in its “Sidebar” publication.  Here are some of Tim’s responses to the prompts OTLA gave him about his personal life and values…

There’s more tTim Williams Personal Injury Attorney and Lead Litigator, Dwyer Williams Cherkoss PC and daughterso life than work.  My favorite activities are:

I relax by hanging out with my girls.  Of course, the term “relax” is relative, given the number of birthday parties, soccer games, basketball games, etc. we have to attend.  It’s all a blast, though, as I enjoy watching them develop self-confidence and learn the value of teamwork.

Other than spending time with my daughters, I enjoy snowboarding and golf.  I also enjoy CrossFit, though it’s more a self-abusing enjoyment: I wonder in the middle of every workout why I am doing this to myself, though I feel great once the workout is over!

The most influential person in my life:

My grandfather, who essentially raised me from the age of two.  Notably, he was a staunch Republican.  I helped work his cattle ranch.  It is because of him that I grew up listening to Rush Limbaugh on talk radio. (Ugh, right?)  Unfortunately, he passed away the day before I took the Bar Exam.  I suspect the thought of me becoming a personal injury lawyer was just too much for him to bear.  Ok, it was actually the cancer that took him.  Trust me in saying that he would have loved that line if he were still alive, as he had a great sense of humor.  He is honestly the greatest person I have ever known and had the biggest part to play in shaping me into the person I am today.

Not many people know that I am:

Part Native American.  That’s right – both Cherokee and Blackfoot.  However, my Germanic heritage is most noticeable.

What I appreciate most among my friends:

They don’t care that I’m a lawyer and treat me on par with everybody else.  Also, for the most part, they are rabid Ducks fans, just like me.

The reformation/ revolution I appreciate the most:

The Civil Rights movement of the 1960s.  From a social perspective, I simply couldn’t imagine growing up the way my grandparents did.

My motto:

“I’ll try anything once.  Well, almost anything.”

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