Should You Talk to the Insurance Adjuster After an Accident?

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We will be the first to tell you that you may not need a lawyer to settle your automobile insurance claim.  There are some circumstances where an automobile accident victim can resolve his or her own claim.  We typically find that a lawyer is not necessary when the medical treatment involved includes a simple hospital visit, and maybe a follow-up with a primary care doctor.

Where more extensive medical treatment is required, however, a lawyer’s input can be vital.  Insurance companies know this, and the first trick in their book is to cut the lawyer off at the pass by settling accident claims early.  In many cases, they will attempt to negotiate the claim within a day or two of the accident—sometimes even when the victim is still in the hospital.  They do this because they know that by settling early, many people will lose the right to recover the full value of their accident claim.

Settling an accident claim quickly after the collision can be a mistake.  It is difficult to know what your damages are so quickly.  Medical expenses may not have been fully calculated by your medical providers, your vehicle may have damage under the surface, and you may not recover as quickly as you expect.  Adrenaline and early pain medication may mask symptoms following an accident, which will become all too apparent in the following weeks.  It is best to refrain from negotiating your accident claim until you are 100% sure that your damages have been fully calculated, and that you will not require any further medical treatment.  You can’t go back after a settlement and request more money, even if new injuries or damages have cropped up.

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