Medford Slip and Fall Injury Victim Makes Physical, Monetary Recovery

Our client in this Medford, Oregon, slip and fall injury case was injured while visiting her sister at the apartment complex in which her sister lived. Several hours after arriving, in the evening, our client went to retrieve some overnight items from her car.  Unbeknownst to her, the apartment complex had hired a company to … Read More

Premises Liability Settlement Increased to Cover Pain and Suffering

Our Medford, Oregon, client was shopping at a grocery retailer when this accident occurred.  She slipped and fell while walking down an aisle. Once she had collected herself after the fall, she noticed that the floor was sopping wet. Although a wet floor warning sign had been erected at the end of the aisle where … Read More

Fair Settlement for Workplace Slip and Fall Accident Victim

Our client in this Oregon slip and fall case was injured while on the job.  He was employed at a store where he stocked shelves and put recent deliveries in the stock room.  On the day of his accident, our client had started work on time and his initial job was to move cartons of … Read More

Insurer Settles with Oregon Woman Injured in Slip and Fall Accident

Dwyer Williams Cherkoss Personal Injury Attorneys just settled a premises liability case on behalf of a young woman who was injured in a slip and fall accident several months ago.  The details of this case are as follows. Our Oregonian client was taking an early morning walk on her way to meet a friend for … Read More

No Trip Ups in Settling Slip & Fall Claim

It was early winter, and our client stopped at Big R in Redmond, Oregon while running errands. On his way into the store, he noticed a new display of snow blowers outside the door.  Thinking that he could perhaps use a new snow blower, he moved toward the display to get a better look. His … Read More

Young Client Gets Excellent Settlement in Premises Liability Injury

Our client, a three-year old boy, was at a Portland, Oregon clothing store with his mother. Soon after arriving at the store, he asked his mother if he could use the restroom. He was following her to the restroom when he bumped into a fire extinguisher that was hanging on the wall.  The eighteen-pound extinguisher, … Read More

Personal Injury Lawyer Sets Trip and Fall Claim on Solid Ground

Our client and her husband work as newspaper delivery people in Eugene, Oregon. One of their regular stops is a local bank, where they would deliver the newspaper at the drive-through teller’s window. One day, while making this stop, our client’s husband saw an old friend in the parking lot and parked the car to … Read More