$185,000 Semi-truck Collision Settlement in Eugene Oregon

Our client was a passenger in a car that was driving on Interstate 5 near Eugene, Oregon.  The rain that day was heavy, and as a result, traffic had slowed to a near stop due to reduced visibility ahead.  After our client’s car had slowed almost to a standstill in traffic, a semi-truck hit them … Read More

Things you should know after being involved in a semi-truck accident.

We here at the firm handle a large number of semi truck accident cases. Those are cases involving big rigs, 18 wheelers, usually on the freeways, either Highway 97, Highway 58, 62, or Interstate 5, so often it’s the main arterial highways because that’s where truckers are generally driving in higher numbers, and it’s also … Read More

Two Killed in Wintry Truck-Related Crash

The new year has started with a cold spell here in Oregon with temperatures well below average and the roads icier than usual. Unfortunately, these icy conditions have also increased the number of accidents our state has experienced, many of them being fatal. For example, in mid-December 2016 a 2006 Toyota 4runner was traveling west … Read More

$4,400,000 Semi Truck Collision Verdict

Our client was driving his 1994 Honda Civic southbound on I-5 in the right lane just south of Custer Way, Tumwater, Washington. At the same time, an agent of Walgreens Oshkosh, Inc. (“Walgreens”) was driving a 2009 International semi-truck and trailer slightly behind him. It was dark and rainy. The semi was attempting to change … Read More