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Uninsured Semi Truck Accident Victim Makes Full Recovery

Our client in this accident was the passenger in a semi-truck that was towing a trailer. The defendant was driving a car that crossed the center-line and collided with our client’s semi head-on. The collision flung our client into the dashboard, which seriously injured her. Directly following the crash, our client was transported by air ambulance to a local emergency room, where she was examined and tested prior to being released.

Oregon Semi-Truck Accident AttorneysOur client sustained injuries to her neck and back, in addition to breaking several fingers and experiencing a seizure after the accident. Several months went by before she obtained additional treatment from several clinics in Idaho for approximately two months. After a gap of approximately seven months, she returned to Oregon and was seen at several clinics.

Because she was a passenger in the semi at the time of her accident, no personal injury protection (PIP) benefits were available to pay our client’s medical bills. Our experienced Oregon semi-truck accident injury attorneys immediately went to work getting our client on the Oregon Health Plan. OHP eventually paid the majority of her Oregon medical bills and we were also able to get Idaho Medicaid to pay the majority of the bills she incurred there.

Because no action had previously been taken in our client’s case, we were able to quickly establish a claim with the at-fault driver’s insurance company and to establish an under-insured claim with the semi’s insurance carrier. Our team was able to obtain a policy limit settlement from the at-fault driver’s insurance as well as an under-insured settlement through the semi’s insurance company. Our client was thrilled to have landed in the capable hands of Richard at Dwyer Williams Dretke Accident Injury Attorneys.

Settlement Reached for Multiple Vehicle Collision Injury Victim

The defendant in this matter lost control of his vehicle, side-swiped another vehicle, and collided with our client head-on.  This collision totaled our client’s car and left her with serious injuries.  She was immediately rushed to the local hospital, where her examination revealed a number of severe injuries.  These included a cracked and bruised sternum, ligament and tendon damage in her ankle, neck and back injuries, and severe bruising covering the rest of her body.  She completed eight months of treatment following the accident before making a complete recovery.

Oregon Auto Accident Injury AttorneysOur client called the experienced Oregon auto accident injury attorneys at Dwyer Williams Dretke PC because her total medical bills exceeded personal injury protection (PIP) limits and because she recognized that the number of people injured in this three-vehicle collision would complicate her claims. She needed professional help and we took her case.

Once hired by our client, we explained her PIP benefits to her.  We gave her health insurer all of the information it needed to pay her bills and provided that insurance company’s information to our client’s medical providers with outstanding bills.  In the end, we were able to obtain more money for our client than any of the other parties to the crash received.  Additionally, we were able to convince our client’s insurance company to waive its statutory right to be reimbursed for what it paid out in PIP benefits.

Elderly Auto Accident Victim Compensated for Serious Injuries

Dwyer Williams Dretke PC recently won a large settlement on behalf of a client who hired us to represent him in the fall of 2011. This client had been driving eastward in the left lane of a large boulevard when a second, inattentive driver pulled out of a parking lot directly into our client’s lane of traffic and collided with him. Our client’s car was crushed and he sustained serious injuries for which he was immediately rushed to the hospital.

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X-rays, CT scans, and the ER physician’s examination revealed fractures to our client’s chest and left arm. Our client’s arm injuries required immediate surgery, but he was discharged soon after the procedure with instructions to continue treatment with his primary care doctor.  For two months after the accident, our client could barely move and he was unable to participate in household activities or duties. Eventually, as he slowly gained mobility, our client began to feel tingling and pain in his lower back and legs.

Due to the seriousness of his injuries, our client’s personal injury protection (PIP) was immediately paid to the hospital where he was treated. However, with more than $50,000 in outstanding medical bills after his PIP benefits were exhausted, our client didn’t know how to pay his remaining medical bills.  Our team of compassionate and professional personal injury attorneys explained our client’s PIP benefits to him and we immediately contacted his insurance provider and all of the involved medical providers.

After a series of negotiations, we were able to secure a fair settlement for our client in which the adverse insurance company paid all of his accident-related expenses as well as for his pain and suffering. Our client was happy to have chosen the experienced auto accident at Dwyer Williams Dretke to settle this expensive auto accident injury claim.

Large Settlement Reached for Eugene Client Injured in Auto Accident

Our client was driving his pick-up truck through a Eugene intersection in the middle of the night when another driver barreled through a stop sign and collided with him.  Our client sustained injuries to his back and neck and contacted us before receiving medical treatment for those injuries.

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Unfortunately, our client had been in another automobile accident approximately one year before the one for which he retained Dwyer Williams Dretke PC as counsel, and several more in the years before that accident.  As a result of all these accidents, our client’s lower back was badly injured.  Further complicating things, our client has a 20-year long history of upper back and neck trouble.  Given this information and the nature of the insurance business, our client’s provider refused to pay his medical bills and the adverse insurance company didn’t want to offer him a settlement either.  Both companies dismissed the injuries that he displayed after the Eugene accident, claiming that they were simply preexisting conditions and thus beyond the scope of their coverage.

Our client was familiar with Dwyer Williams Dretke reputation as a compassionate and professional automobile accident law firm and we proved our reputation soon after being hired. We began by convincing our client’s personal injury protection (PIP) insurance carrier to cover all of his medical bills based on the language of the PIP statute combined with statement from our client’s physician.  The physician’s statement detailed how our client’s need for treatment was related to this accident rather than to prior accidents or preexisting conditions.

Once our client completed treatment, we collected his medical records and presented them to the adverse insurer.  We were able to prove that our client’s need for treatment was indeed related to the negligence of their insured rather than to any prior accidents.  The adverse insurance provider offered our client a fair settlement which reimbursed his own insurance company for the medical bills that it had paid and which also generously compensated him for his pain and suffering.  Another satisfied customer for our experienced auto accident injury law firm!

Generous Insurance Settlement Reached Despite Low Policy Limits

The details of another successful Dwyer Williams Dretke PC car accident injury settlement are as follows: our client, a young and able-bodied Central Oregonian woman, was having trouble starting her car.  She popped the hood and manually opened it while waiting for another motorist to pull forward and help her jump-start the car.  This motorist accidentally stepped on the gas pedal, which caused his vehicle to lurch forward and pinned our client’s leg between the two cars.  As a result of this incident, our client was seriously injured and she sought immediate medical attention for her accident-related injuries.

The at-fault driver’s insurance provider offered to pay the full policy limit toward our client’s injuries, but unfortunately the at-fault driver was only insured for the minimum amount required under Oregon law.  Under Oregon law, all vehicle insurance policies must carry at least $15,000 in Personal Injury Protection (PIP) coverage.  This meager amount was not enough to cover our client’s prohibitive medical bills.

Our client sought the help of Dwyer Williams Dretke PC because we are experienced auto accident injury lawyers with a track record of success throughout the state of Oregon.  She knew that she could entrust her legal situation with us and that we would secure her the fairest possible settlement given the facts and parties involved in this case.

After reaching out to the health providers that provided services to our client following her accident, we were able to get several to significantly reduce their bills.  We also convinced our client’s insurance provider to waive its lien on the $30,000 in medical expenses that it covered for our client.  Once these arrangements had been made, the case settled and all of our client’s accident-related medical expenses were taken care of.  Our client also received a reasonable settlement to compensate her for her pain and suffering.