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Settlement for Passenger Injured in Collision With Telephone Pole

Our client in this Central Oregon auto accident case was the passenger in a car being driven by a friend.  His friend was driving above the posted speed limit and, due to his excessive speed, failed to successfully negotiate a corner, hit a curb, and drove directly into a power pole.  Our client was seriously injured as a result of the accident; his most significant injury was a fractured left leg.

Oregon Auto Accident Injury Attorneys | Oregon Car Accident LawyersOur client had no health insurance and was unable to pay for his accident-related treatment.  Although our client’s friend was clearly the party responsible for this accident and although he had insurance, he initially refused to turn the claim over to his insurance company or to provide our client with his insurance information.

Our client was reluctant to involve a legal representative since the at-fault driver in this scenario was a personal friend, but once he made the decision to do so he contacted Dwyer Williams Dretke PC.  He knew our reputation for success and vigilant representation of our clients and was encouraged that our Oregon auto accident attorneys collectively have more than 80 years of experience in personal injury law.

We immediately contacted the at-fault driver and were able to get him to turn over the claim to his insurance company.  We ensured that the insurance company paid for all of our client’s accident related medical bills.  As soon as he had completed treatment for his accident-related injuries, we submitted a demand for to the insurance company to compensate him for his pain and suffering.  In the end, the insurance company made a full policy offer to settle our client’s claim.

Recovering Damages from Bicycle Accident Injuries

Serious bicycle accidents can take many forms, and the injuries that cyclist accident victims sustain will vary according to each collision’s details.  Given how these injuries are  accident- and victim-specific injuries are, it should come as no surprise that damage awards also span a spectrum.

Bicycle and Auto Accident Injury AttorneysDamage awards available to Oregon bicycle accident victims often include:

  • Medical expenses
  • Rehabilitative therapy
  • Loss of income calculations
  • Disability or disfigurement compensation
  • Loss of earning potential from a disability
  • Pain and suffering awards
  • Other physical or mental injury payments

We highly encourage you to seek the advice of experienced serious accident and personal injury attorneys to determine what damages are recoverable in your individual case.  The experienced Oregon bicycle accident lawyers at Dwyer Williams Dretke PC will happily discuss the specific details of your accident and injuries.  Call for your toll-free consultation today: 541-617-0555.

These Driving Practices Can Lead to Accidents with Bicycles

Many dangerous, negligent (careless), or reckless practices can contribute to a serious bicycle accident. According to the Oregon Department of Transportation, some of the most common causes of bike accidents on Oregon’s roadways involve drivers of cars, trucks, and other enclosed motor vehicles.  These causes are:

  • Intoxicated drivers
  • Distracted drivers
  • Aggressive drivers
  • Fatigued drivers
  • Anxious or impatient drivers
  • Roads that are in disrepair

Bicycle Car Accident Attorney Portland OregonSerious bicycle accidents in Oregon can lead to permanent life changes that interfere with your ability to work, your relationships with friends, spouses, or children, and your general ability to enjoy and participate in life’s activities. When these simple pleasures are taken from a bike accident victim, it is both fair and reasonable that that victim should receive financial compensation for the injuries that he or she suffered.

A negligent driver cannot give you back your ability to walk or the joy of being able to carry your child on your shoulders, but he or she can provide the financial compensation for you can obtain the physical therapy and medical care you need to improve the quality of your post-accident life. The bicycle accident injury attorneys at Dwyer Williams Dretke PC are committed to vigorously representing our clients so that they can obtain the compensation they need to provide for their family despite serious and debilitating accident-related injuries.  Call us today toll-free if you or a loved one has been injured in a bicycle accident: 541-617-0555.

Safety Practices Can Limit Your Bicycle Accident Injuries

As a means of helping to avoid accident-related injuries, it is important to keep some bicycle safety tips in mind. While our experienced and knowledgeable bicycle accident attorneys are prepared to represent you if you are injured in a bike accident, we would of course prefer that bicycle accidents and resulting injuries be entirely avoided.

Oregon Bicycle Accident Injury Attorneys | Safe Cycling PracticesSome basic steps that can reduce your risk of being involved in a serious bike accident include:

  • Wearing the proper protective gear: Helmets, shoulder, and knee pads are essential.
  • Properly equip your bike with safety equipment: Headlights, bells, and horns.
  • Be aware of your surroundings (bike defensively): Maintain a careful lookout for distracted drivers and try to catch their eye or slow down if they can’t see you.
  • Avoid drivers exiting their vehicles: When riding on the left hand side of parallel-parked cars, you should ride far enough to the left to avoid slamming into the door of a car if a driver suddenly opens the door in front of you. Moving cars can already see you as they are attempting to pass you, but drivers who have just parked may not be paying attention or looking for bicyclists as they climb out of their cars.
  • Never ride against traffic: This is an extremely dangerous bike-riding practice to be avoided at all costs. Every year Oregonian bicyclists are seriously injured or killed because they chose to ride the wrong way down the street.

It is important to be educated about all possible bike accident scenarios and to take proper precautions to avoid getting into those accidents. The bicycle accident and personal injury attorneys at Dwyer Williams Dretke PC believe that “minor bike accident” is a misnomer because bike accidents usually involve severe and even life-threatening injuries including brain injuries, neck and back injuries, and paralysis.

If you have been injured in a bicycle accident anywhere in the state of Oregon, please call us toll-free to discuss your injuries and case: 541-617-0555.

Settlement Negotiated for Driver Injured in Rear-End Collision

Dwyer Williams Dretke Personal Injury Attorneys recently settled another auto injury personal injury case without the need for cost- and time-intensive litigation.  Our client in the matter was a Central Oregon man who was driving his car along a busy street in downtown Bend when he was badly injured in a car collision.  While driving, our client noticed that the traffic ahead of him was coming to a stop, applied his brakes, and began to slow his car.  Unfortunately the driver behind him failed to notice what was happening on the road and slammed into the back of our client’s vehicle.  Our client was thrown forward by the force of this rear-end collision.

Experienced and Compassionate Oregon Auto Accident Attorneys | Oregon Auto Injury Attorneys

Our client sought immediate medical attention for his accident-related injuries and completed the course of treatment that his doctors recommended in under six months.  Despite the details of his case being straight-forward, there were problems when it came time for the at-fault driver’s insurance provider to pay our client’s medical bills.  Initially, the insurer refused to pay those bills because they were deemed to be too high.  It is true that our client’s cost of treatment had been extensive, but that was to be expected given the nature and extent of his injuries.

We had anticipated that the insurance company would try to reduce the amount of our client’s total medical bills that it was responsible for covering.  As experienced auto accident attorneys, we also assumed that this adverse insurer would argue that our client had been over-treated, but it overlooked this argument and did not.  This made the response we needed to provide very simple: we argued that our client was simply following his doctor’s orders and that he did nothing more than what was professionally recommended to him.

After several rounds of negotiation, the at-fault driver’s insurance carrier made an offer that was fair, that covered our client’s accident-related medical expenses, and which our client was happy to accept.