Evidence Disappears and is Tampered With in Semi-Truck Cases

Semi-truck accident cases are unique for several reasons, some of which I have discussed in previous posts in this series.  They cause qualitatively and quantitatively more damage than other accidents on Oregon’s roadways, and they regularly end in fatality.  Another reason why these cases are unique is that critical evidence in semi-truck accidents often conveniently … Read More

What Makes Semi-Truck Accident Lawsuits Unique?

My previous blogs on the subject of Oregon semi-truck accidents describe how dangerous these accidents are and explains why semi-truck accidents usually result in fatality.  In this blog, I want to focus on why, from a legal standpoint, semi-truck accidents are unique among personal injury cases. Semi-truck accidents are complicated from a legal point of … Read More

Semi-Truck Accidents Usually Result in Fatality

Unfortunately for those of us who love living here and who regularly use local roadways, Oregon is prone to trucking accidents. According to ODOT’s 2011 Summary of Oregon Truck Safety, half of the trucks accident on Oregon’s roads are attributable to poor driving or mechanical failure. Semi-truck accidents account for about 12% of all motor … Read More

We Are Experienced Oregon Semi-Truck Accident Lawyers

Our law firm specializes in semi-truck accidents and the catastrophic injuries that they frequently cause. This is the first blog post in a series about semi-truck accidents in Oregon. Check back next week to learn more about trucking the nature and cause of trucking accidents. Semi-trucks are unquestionably the most dangerous motor vehicles that occupy … Read More