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Evidence Disappears and is Tampered With in Semi-Truck Cases

Semi-Truck Accident Attorneys in OregonSemi-truck accident cases are unique for several reasons, some of which I have discussed in previous posts in this series.  They cause qualitatively and quantitatively more damage than other accidents on Oregon’s roadways, and they regularly end in fatality.  Another reason why these cases are unique is that critical evidence in semi-truck accidents often conveniently “disappears” or gets tampered with.

Disappearing Evidence 

Trucking companies have been known to send their investigators and experts to the scene of a semi-truck accident within minutes of a collision occurring.  Big-rig trucks can be moved and evidence at the scene can be altered, which makes it much harder to prove what caused the accident.

Tampering With Logbooks and Data Records is Common

Drivers’ logbooks and trucks’ on-board data recorders are often tampered with in Oregon semi-truck accident cases.  Driver logbooks are maintained by drivers to record the number of hours that they have been on the road and compliance with mandatory rest period requirements. There are specific “hours of service” regulations that a driver is not supposed to violate, which includes the requirement that drivers rest for mandated periods of time. A truck driver’s violation of these rules may be important in establishing negligence and proving that driver fatigue was a cause of the semi-truck collision.

Data from trucks’ on-board data recorders can also provide valuable information regarding hours of service, sudden braking, maintenance issues, and more.  This data will typically be erased unless your Oregon semi-truck accident lawyer takes immediate steps to put the trucking company on notice that the data must be preserved.

Proving Negligence in Semi-Truck Accident Cases

Semi-truck accidents are very dangerous and they create more damage than any other kind of accident on Oregon’s motorways.  Litigating semi-truck accident cases is different from litigating other personal injury and auto accident cases because the stakes are so much higher.

Semi Truck Accident Attorneys in OregonTrucking accidents can be classified as rear-end collisions, sloshing accidents, battery fire accidents, fuel oil fire accidents, rollover accidents, and more.  As is the case in any type of motor vehicle accident, in order to make a recovery in any of these kinds of trucking accident cases it will be necessary to prove negligence on the part of the semi-truck driver and/or the trucking company.

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) and Oregon state law heavily regulate the trucking industry.  A violation of these regulations can constitute negligence so it is critical that you work with an experienced Oregon semi-truck accident law firm rather than a law firm that only occasionally handles trucking accidents.

Insurance companies each have a team of adjusters, investigators, and semi-truck accident attorneys whose primary responsibility is to limit the insurer’s liability and to minimize the amount of money paid out to injured parties. It is imperative for semi-truck accident victims to have a similar teams watching out for their needs.  If you or a loved one has been injured in a semi truck accident, contact the experienced semi-truck accident attorneys at Dwyer Williams Dretke PC today.  You need and deserve the best.

What Makes Semi-Truck Accident Lawsuits Unique?

Oregon Semi Truck Accident Injury AttorneysMy previous blogs on the subject of Oregon semi-truck accidents describe how dangerous these accidents are and explains why semi-truck accidents usually result in fatality.  In this blog, I want to focus on why, from a legal standpoint, semi-truck accidents are unique among personal injury cases.

Semi-truck accidents are complicated from a legal point of view.  They are affected by state rules, federal laws, science, industry practices and thoughts expressed by trucking experts.  Trucking accidents involve complex and highly specialized litigation that requires:

  • A thorough understanding of the complex rules governing the commercial trucking industry
  • An awareness of unethical industry practices, which include destroying and altering evidence
  • Access to trucking accident experts who can quickly be dispatched to the scene of semi-truck accidents
  • Years of experience and specialized training in handling commercial trucking accidents
  • An intimate familiarity with trucking industry customs and practices

If you or someone you love has been injured in a semi-truck accident, it is vitally important that you have a team of insurance adjusters, investigators, and personal injury attorneys looking out for your best interests.  Trucking companies have enormous resources and experts at their disposal and you need experts in your corner, too.  The Oregon semi-truck accident attorneys at Dwyer Williams Dretke PC have extensive knowledge of and experience with trucking regulations, trucking industry practices, and trucking litigation defense strategies.  Let us help you.

We Are Experienced Oregon Semi-Truck Accident Lawyers

Our law firm specializes in semi-truck accidents and the catastrophic injuries that they frequently cause. This is the first blog post in a series about semi-truck accidents in Oregon. Check back next week to learn more about trucking the nature and cause of trucking accidents.

Oregonj Semi-Truck Accident AttorneysSemi-trucks are unquestionably the most dangerous motor vehicles that occupy space on Oregon’s highways. The aftermath of an Oregon trucking accident almost inevitably involves excruciating pain, weeks or months of grueling physical therapy, astronomical medical expenses, and permanent changes in accident victims’ ability to enjoy life’s simple pleasures. Many semi-truck accident victims are also never able to work again.

Our dedicated legal team will meticulously investigate the circumstances surrounding your accident, engage in hard-nosed negotiation with any insurance companies, and passionately and zealously advocate your best interest in court. We see our job as Oregon semi-truck accident attorneys to be easing your recovery and helping you obtain the financial compensation that you need to rebuild your life and move past this tragic accident.