How to Keep Your Legal Assistant Happy, Part 2

Last week we announced that we will be incorporating more information into the Dwyer Williams Cherkoss PC blog to help make it a great resource for new and prospective personal injury lawyers. Our first such blog series is about fostering great relations with your Legal Assistant, and our first post in this series suggested that you … Read More

Has Your Elderly Loved One Been Abused or Neglected?

In honor of World Elder Abuse Awareness Day, which was June 15th of this year, the attorneys at Dwyer Williams Cherkoss PC will be blogging this week about the persistent and horrific problem of elder abuse and neglect in our state – as well as about legal mechanisms in place to protect you and your … Read More

How to be Effective in Jury Selection: Be Respectful and Personable

“You will attract more bears with honey than with vinegar.” It may be a cliche, but it is nevertheless true. During voir dire you should always be respectful of a potential juror’s opinion, no matter how much you might disagree with it. Moreover, thank potential jurors who disagree with your position for sharing their opinions. … Read More

How to be Effective During Jury Selection: Access the Reptilian Brain

The fourth tip that I want to blog about in this series of posts concerning the voir dire process at trial concerns what is called “the reptilian brain”. Recent research has been performed concerning the reptilian brain and David Ball spoke on the subject at the 2008 American Association of Justice (AAJ) Winter Convention. The … Read More

How to Bring a Ski Resort Accident Claim

Regardless of who is legally responsible for causing your ski or snowboard accident injury,  if you have been injured at a ski resort then you must notify the ski area operator of the injury by registered or certified mail within 180 days of discovering your injury.  Failure to notify the ski resort within a time … Read More

Jury Selction Trick: “Attitude” vs “Influence”

I stumbled across a trick a few years ago at a continuing legal education (CLE) class that summarized what we all do instinctively and I wanted to share it with you in this third installment of my voir dire tips blog series. Here is the trick that was articulated for us all at the CLE: … Read More