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How to Keep Your Legal Assistant Happy, Part 1

We at Dwyer Williams Dretke PC would like to be more helpful as a resource for new and prospective personal injury lawyers. With this goal in mind, we have decided to incorporate professional advice into our blog, starting today with a series on how to foster great relations with, quite possibly, the most important person in your office: your Legal Assistant or Secretary.

How to Keep Your Legal Assistant Happy

We polled the legal secretaries in our office and came up a list of nine top areas in which we personal injury lawyers can help empower our assistants and keep them happy in the office.  Here are our first three suggestions:

  1. Mail
    Legal secretaries should see all incoming mail.  Even if they do not have much time to absorb and process the mail, that brief exposure will help keep your assistant aware of what is currently happening in a case: of which parties are asking questions and of what documents are coming in.
  2. Job Directions
    Support staff need to be given clear, ideally concise, directions based on their attorneys’ needs and the purpose of the request.  Our support staff suggested that it could make a huge difference for attorneys to take a few minutes to explain the context and importance of each assignment that they bring their secretaries.  Communication breakdowns are frustrating for support staff and attorneys alike, but luckily the confusion and resentment that accompany communication breakdowns can be avoided by proactive project explanations.
  3. Parameters
    Many of our support staff felt that clear job assignment parameters would help reduce their stress at work.  When completing client’s initial interview forms, for example, can your legal secretary call a client back to seek more information without infringing on what the attorney had in mind?  Don’t be shy about setting these boundaries with your assistant: clarification will allows him/her to grasp the scope of the job.

Check back soon to read the next post in this series and remember that we will be sharing more advice like this in the future.  From our office to yours!

Tripled Settlement For Bend Auto Accident Victim After DWP Files Lawsuit

Our client was leaving a Bend hospital after meeting with her doctor when she was injured in a sudden auto accident. She had pulled up to a stop sign but couldn’t see traffic clearly because of some shrubbery obstructing her view.  As she inched forward to make sure that the roadway was clear, a motorist behind her mistakenly assumed that she was accelerating into the street.  He drove his car into the back of our client’s vehicle, injuring her.

Oregon Auto Accident Injury Lawyers Hospital parking Lot CollisionOur client sought immediate medical treatment for her accident related injuries and then approached the at-fault driver’s insurance company in order to resolve her claim.  The insurance company resolved to negotiate in good faith.  At this point, she realized that she needed advice and representation by experienced and tough Oregon auto accident lawyers.

As soon as we were retained as counsel to our client, we reviewed her medical records and sent a demand to the insurance company.  Unfortunately, we were initially unable to get the insurer to increase its offer by much.  After consulting our client, we filed a lawsuit.  Soon after depositions, the insurance company approached us and offered to settle for three times the amount that it offered our client before she had legal counsel.  We accepted the offer and our client was happy with the result.

Oregon Driver Recovers Health and Damages After Serious Accident

In this recently settled case, one of our Central Oregon auto accident injury clients had been seriously injured near his Bend home.  His vehicle was stopped and he was waiting to make a left turn, when another motorist failed to stop and ran right into our client’s car. The impact of this collision was so forceful that it pushed our client through the guard rail and down an embankment.

Oregon Auto Accident LawyersThis was a serious accident that created extensive property and physical damage. Our client was unsure of how to deal with all of the involved insurance companies, so he decided to call an experienced Oregon auto accident injury lawyer for advice. Having heard that Dwyer Williams Dretke PC prides itself on getting our clients the best possible settlements, he called and hired us.

Before anything else, we ordered our client’s comprehensive medical records and evaluated his claim.  We also wrote to his employer in order to verify the wages that our client lost as a result of this  serious auto accident.  The case ultimately settled for a fair amount that compensated our client for his accident-related medical expenses, lost wages, and pain and suffering.  He was happy with his decision to hire our Oregon auto accident lawyers and to get back to living his life.

Settlement for Oregon Passenger Injured in Out-of-State Accident

Our client in this auto accident injury case was hurt while on vacation on the East Coast. She was traveling on the interstate, riding as the passenger in a rental car being driven by her husband, when another driver tried to enter her the lane occupied by our client’s rental car.  Unfortunately, there was not enough room for this driver to enter the lane and he hit our client’s car, injuring her.

Oregon Auto Accident Injury Attorneys | Oregon Rear-End Collision LawyersOur client didn’t know how to approach this accident since it took place outside of her home state.  After an initial post-accident emergency room visit in the state where the accident had occurred, our client and her husband waited until they were home several months later  to follow up with their primary care physician.  After treating for their accident-related injuries, they contacted the Oregon auto accident injury attorneys at Dwyer Williams Dretke to discuss their case.

We explained that generally (as in this case), even when you’re away from home, your auto insurance still covers you in the event of an auto accident. Generally, auto policies limit coverage to areas within the United States. This made our job easy: once we had been retained to represent her, we treated the accident as if it had occurred in Oregon. We contacted the at-fault driver’s insurance company and began negotiating with them immediately.  We were quickly able to resolve the matter and to obtain a fair settlement for our client and her husband.

Does Being Unemployed Affect the Value of Your Case?

It is Friday again and time for another video from Roy. In this week’s video, Roy discusses how your employment status affects the value of your personal injury case:

As Roy explains in this video, if you are employed at the time of your Oregon personal injury accident then your case will be worth a lot more money than if you aren’t. If you are seriously injured and have to miss work because of your accident-related injuries, you can be awarded money for what they call “impairment of earning capacity”. Impaired earning capacity means that you can’t do the kind of work that you normally do and the jury can award you special damages if they find that your earning capacity has been negatively affected by the accident. If you are unemployed, however, you will not qualify for lost wages or impaired earning capacity.

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