Oregon Driver Recovers Health and Damages After Serious Accident

In this recently settled case, one of our Central Oregon auto accident injury clients had been seriously injured near his Bend home.  His vehicle was stopped and he was waiting to make a left turn, when another motorist failed to stop and ran right into our client’s car. The impact of this collision was so … Read More

Settlement for Oregon Passenger Injured in Out-of-State Accident

Our client in this auto accident injury case was hurt while on vacation on the East Coast. She was traveling on the interstate, riding as the passenger in a rental car being driven by her husband, when another driver tried to enter her the lane occupied by our client’s rental car.  Unfortunately, there was not … Read More

Premises Liability Settlement Increased to Cover Pain and Suffering

Our Medford, Oregon, client was shopping at a grocery retailer when this accident occurred.  She slipped and fell while walking down an aisle. Once she had collected herself after the fall, she noticed that the floor was sopping wet. Although a wet floor warning sign had been erected at the end of the aisle where … Read More

Does Being Unemployed Affect the Value of Your Case?

It is Friday again and time for another video from Roy. In this week’s video, Roy discusses how your employment status affects the value of your personal injury case: As Roy explains in this video, if you are employed at the time of your Oregon personal injury accident then your case will be worth a … Read More

Will You Have the Opportunity to Depose the Defendant?

Happy Friday! In this week’s video, Roy answers a common question posed by clients in Oregon personal injury cases: will they have the opportunity to depose the defendant? As Roy explains in this video, yes you do have the opportunity to depose defendants in your Oregon personal injury case. You can ask the defendant anything … Read More