Traffic Jam Auto Accident Takes Express Lane to Settlement

Our client was out of town, visiting friends. One afternoon, driving back to her friends’ house after some sightseeing and shopping, she was stopped in traffic behind a long line of cars.  While she was waiting for traffic to start moving again, another driver failed to see that traffice was stopped and rear-ended her car. … Read More

Low Impact Auto Accident Results in High Impact Settlement

Our client stopped after work one day at a local shopping center to pick up a birthday gift for a close friend. She selected the perfect gift and returned to her car. Although she was anxious to get home after a long day, she was navigating the busy parking lot cautiously. She began backing out … Read More

Delayed Onset Accident Injuries Don’t Delay Justice for Client

Our client and a friend had planned a weekend getaway. The client’s friend picked her up early in the morning, and the two were off on what was supposed to be a fun, relaxing adventure. Unfortunately for the women, their weekend plans were put on hold when they were involved in an accident, in which … Read More

Oregon Auto Accident Injury Claim Settled in Client’s Favor

Our client was stopped and patiently waiting to turn left at a busy urban intersection. This major intersection had two turn lanes, and our client was in the rightmost turn lane, with cars in the next lane over, also waiting to turn left. When the drivers – including our client – received the green arrow, … Read More

I just got in a car accident, who is going to pay my medical bills?

Car Accident Related Medical Expenses By Arne Cherkoss Generally speaking, the insurance company covering the car you were in at the time of the car accident will cover your medical bills, at least initially.  This is called PIP, or Personal Injury Protection.  You may recall that PIP is available regardless of fault.  Please see my … Read More