Insurer Covers Rear-End Collision Injuries

Dwyer Williams Cherkoss PC recently settled a rear-end collision case whose details were all too familiar.  A passenger was sitting in an idling car at a red traffic light when that vehicle was abruptly struck from behind by another motorist.  While the two drivers emerged from this accident unscathed, the passenger in the idling vehicle … Read More

Auto Accident Attorney Settles Bend Collision Claim

Our client was stopped at a red light near a large shopping center in Bend, Oregon. While she was waiting for the light to change, another car drove up behind her and the driver failed to stop, rear-ending our client.  It also caused her to hit the car in front of her. She was injured in the … Read More

Auto Accident Attorney Works to Secure Settlement for Client

 Our client was stopped in a line of traffic at a busy traffic signal in Bend, Oregon. Another driver failed to stop for traffic and crashed his car into our client, who was pushed into the oncoming traffic lane, where he was hit by another car. He was injured and sought immediate medical attention for … Read More

Collision Case Results in Settlement for Client

Traffic safety experts agree that left turns are among the most dangerous maneuvers drivers have to make on a regular basis. Our client was making a left turn in Eugene, Oregon when another driver collided with her vehicle. Both drivers had been going slow and the property damage was small.  Because her car wasn’t much … Read More

Parking Lot Accident Moves into Successful Settlement

Our client was in a line of traffic waiting to exit a downtown Bend, Oregon parking lot. While she was waiting, another driver tried to make a right turn into the parking lot.  The other driver didn’t see our client’s car and sideswiped the driver’s side, injuring her quite seriously, including a left shoulder contusion, … Read More

Skilled Negotiations Lead to Settlement in Auto Accident Case

Our client was riding into downtown Portland, Oregon with a friend to get some lunch. They were driving through an intersection when a car ran the red light, t-boning the passenger side of the car our client was in.  He was seriously injured and had to be transported to the hospital in an ambulance. After … Read More