Juror Biases and Their Identification Process in Voir Dire

I love the fact that plaintiffs’ attorneys get to go first in Voir Dire. Going first means that we have the opportunity to direct and control the voir dire’s initial focus. If we start talking about the defendant’s bad behavior, the jury will analyze that side of the story. Because jurors’ natural instincts are to … Read More

Generous Insurance Settlement Reached Despite Low Policy Limits

The details of another successful Dwyer Williams Cherkoss PC car accident injury settlement are as follows: our client, a young and able-bodied Central Oregonian woman, was having trouble starting her car.  She popped the hood and manually opened it while waiting for another motorist to pull forward and help her jump-start the car.  This motorist … Read More

Safety Precaution Recommendations for Motorcyclists

It is common knowledge that motorcycle drivers are at a heightened risk of accident-related injuries and death than drivers of cars, trucks, and other passenger vehicles.  Motorcycles generally travel at the same speeds as enclosed motorized vehicles, often overtaking those cars, yet motorcycle drivers and passengers have virtually none of the protections that drivers of … Read More

Rules of the Road for Oregon’s Motorcyclists

According to the USDOT’s National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, motorcyclists are approximately 37 times more likely to die in a crash than someone riding in a passenger car.  In the state of Oregon last year, there were 993 motorcycle accidents in which 919 people were seriously injured and an additional 39 died.  This means that … Read More

Rear-End Collisions Can Exacerbate Pre-existing Conditions

Our law firm was recently contacted by a passenger who was sitting in an idling car at a red traffic light when her vehicle was abruptly hit from behind by another motorist.  The two drivers emerged from this accident unscathed, but our client sustained physical injuries and the accident exacerbated her preexisting medical conditions.  Our … Read More

Personal Injury Claim Settled after Multiple Car Collision

Oregon’s roads can be treacherous in the fall and winter months.  Whether you are driving along the overcast coast with its slick roads or in the mountains and high desert on snowy roads, Oregon’s roadway hazards are as high as its accident rates in the fall and winter.  Reduced visibility and dangerous driving conditions are … Read More