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Does the Type of Auto Accident Injury That You Sustain Affect Your Settlement?

Happy Friday before Memorial Day weekend!  Today’s video clip from our founder and senior partner Roy Dwyer discusses whether or not the type of auto accident injury that you have sustained matters when you are trying to settle your auto injury accident claim:

As Roy explains in this clip, the simple answer to your question is yes: the kind of injury that you have sustained does affect your settlement. This is so because insurance companies typically take the position that soft-tissue injuries (i.e. no broken bones, neck injuries, back injuries, sprains, etc. that do not require corrective surgery) are nonexistent and worth very little. Insurance companies do not put much stock in these kinds of injuries. If you have to have surgery, if you have a broken bone, if you have neurological deficits resulting from the accident, then you will be able to recover more money in your settlement. The frustrating truth is that it is very difficult to recover significant damages when you have only sustained soft tissue damage in your accident.

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Klamath Falls “T-bone” Auto Accident Settles

Our client was driving down a one-way street in Klamath Falls when another motorist ran a stop sign and drove into the side of our client’s car, “T-boning” it.  Our client was injured as a result of the collision and she sought immediate medical treatment for her accident-related injuries.

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After our client completed treatment, we ordered all of her medical records and evaluated her claim.  After discussing our thoughts with our client, we sent a demand package to the adverse insurance company and began negotiations shortly thereafter.

The insurance company’s initial offer was very low.  We believed that the case had far more value and we successfully argued our position in front of the insurance adjuster.  Eventually, the case settled for a fair amount that pleased our client and more than covered all of her accident-related medical expenses.