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Treatment Costs Covered for Uninsured Driver in Rear-End Collision

In this Central Oregon rear-end auto collision case, our client was injured while driving his car down a busy street in Bend.  He was sitting at an intersection, waiting for his traffic light to turn green from red, when another driver plowed into him from behind.  The force of this collision lurched our client and his vehicle forward suddenly, which injured our client’s neck and back.

Oregon Auto Accident Injury Attorneys | Oregon Rear-End Collision LawyersUnfortunately, at the time of this accident our client didn’t have health insurance and his auto insurance policy did not include coverage of medical expenditures related to auto accidents.  Our client called the experienced and tough Oregon auto accident injury lawyers at Dwyer Williams Dretke PC to help him get the treatment he needed and to settle this auto injury claim.

We contacted our client’s medical providers right away and offered to protect their accounts if they would treat our client for his accident-related injuries and hold on billing him.  The providers agreed, allowing our client to complete treatment for his auto accident-related injuries.

Once our client had finished treating his injuries, we sent a demand package to the at-fault driver’s insurance company.  They almost immediately began negotiating a settlement with us.  Our client accepted a fair offer and was happy with his treatment as well as with his representation by the compassionate yet tough Oregon auto accident attorneys at Dwyer Williams Dretke.

Settlement for Uninsured Passenger Injured in Auto Accident

Our client was riding as the front seat passenger in her friend’s car when another driver plowed into the rear of their car.  Our client was seriously injured in the accident, but she did not have health insurance and neither driver had auto insurance at the time of the accident.  She called us because she knew that she needed a team of experienced Oregon auto accident lawyers on her side in order to sort out paying her bills.

Oregon Auto Accident Injury Attorneys | Oregon Personal Injury LawyersWe immediately went to work by contacting the various involved insurance providers.  We convinced them to hold our client’s account open until the case ended by agreeing, in exchange, to pay their full balance before our client received any compensation of her own.

In the end, we settled for a fair value that covered all of our client’s medical expenses as well as a pain and suffering award. Our client was happy to be able to put this messy affair behind her and to move on with her life having been made whole.

Insurer Blames Phantom “Preexisting Condition” For Injuries, Pays Up

Our client was idling in his pickup truck at a Eugene, Oregon intersection when another driver traveling on road intersecting his drifted into our client’s lane and smashed the front left side car.  That driver was moving at 60 miles per hour when the collision occurred and our client was seriously injured, who was diagnosed with a cervical strain in the emergency room.

Oregon Auto Accident Injury AttorneysThere was no question of fault in this accident: the driver who hit our client was immediately cited for failing to drive in his lane. Even though he was clearly the victim here, our client nevertheless had trouble getting any response response from the other driver’s insurer. He knew he needed a tough Oregon auto accident attorney to negotiate with the insurer on his behalf.

Our client completed treatment for his accident-related injuries before contacting us. Once retained as counsel, we obtained all of our client’s medical records and bills. His medical bills were all soon paid by Oregon’s mandated Personal Injury Protection (PIP) insurance. After reviewing our client’s medical records, we convinced the insurance adjuster that our client’s need for treatment was completely attributable to the second driver’s negligence rather than to any preexisting conditions had by our client.

It was challenging to negotiate with the insurance companies in this case, but we were ultimately successful and our client was happy to have chosen Dwyer Williams Dretke to represent him in this case.

Head On Collision Accident Victim Compensated For Pain And Suffering

Our client and her passenger were driving in southern Oregon when a motorist approaching from the opposite direction at high speed veered into her lane and caused a head-on collision.  Our client as well as her passenger were seriously injured in this accident and they sought immediate medical attention for their accident-related injuries.

Oregon Auto Accident Injury Attorneys | Oregon Personali Injury Attorneys | Oregon Car Accident Insurance SettlementUnfortunately for our client, the other motorist was uninsured at the time of the accident and our client’s medical bills totaled almost $70,000.  She called the tough but compassionate auto accident injury attorneys at Dwyer Williams Dretke PC to help her resolve this stressful matter.

Once we were retained as counsel, we opened a medical claim and an uninsured motorist claim for our client.  After she had fully completed her treatment, we ordered her complete medical records in order to evaluate her claim.  We then contacted her insurance company to discuss the claim’s resolution.

Armed with this medical evidence that her injuries were accident-related and not attributable to any other cause, we were quickly able to convince the insurance company to offer our client a policy limits settlement.  We also successfully negotiated down her medical bills to a fraction of what she had originally owed.  Our client was happy that she received a settlement for her pain and suffering in addition to having all of her bills paid and, most importantly, that she was able to put the case behind her.

Does The Extent of Vehicle Damage Affect Your Auto Accident Settlement?

Happy Friday, July 5th – we here at Dwyer Williams Dretke hope that you had a safe and happy Independence Day celebration yesterday. In this week’s video clip, our founder and senior partner Roy Dwyer discusses whether or not it matters if your car was seriously injured in your personal injury auto accident. Here is his quick response:

As Roy explains in this video, unfortunately, the issue of whether or not your car was damaged in an auto accident does affect your Oregon personal injury claim. Insurance companies call accidents in which you sustained little damage “low impact auto accidents”. They have a stable of experts who will come in and testify that, because there was little damage to your vehicle, it is impossible that you could have been seriously injured. This is an unethical practice, but in our experience it is frequently what insurance companies do in order to manipulate juries.

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