Dog Bite Accident Claims Are on the Rise in Oregon

In a news release from State Farm yesterday in honor of Dog Bite Prevention week, the insurance company proclaimed that dog bite accident claims are on the rise throughout our state.  According to State Farm’s amalgamated research, almost 5 million people are bitten or attacked by dogs every year across the United States. Drawing from … Read More

What To Expect if Your Oregon Personal Injury Claim Goes to Court.

Hello again and happy Friday! Today’s video clip from our founder and senior partner Roy Dwyer discusses what you can expect if your Oregon personal injury claim goes to court: As Roy explains in this clip, first you will have to file a complaint. Complaints indicate how the accident happened, information about you, how you … Read More

How Can You Get an Oregon Auto Accident Injury Settlement?

In the video below, our founder and senior partner Roy Dwyer answers a common question posed by many new clients: how can you get a settlement in your Oregon auto accident injury claim? As Roy explains, the first thing you have to be able to prove is fault. You must demonstrate that the person who … Read More

Settlement for Passenger Injured in Collision With Telephone Pole

Our client in this Central Oregon auto accident case was the passenger in a car being driven by a friend.  His friend was driving above the posted speed limit and, due to his excessive speed, failed to successfully negotiate a corner, hit a curb, and drove directly into a power pole.  Our client was seriously … Read More

Car Accident Injury Victim Recovers Lost Wages

Our client was driving her car along a busy street in Bend.  As she approached an intersection, she noted that the light was green for traffic moving in her direction, and proceeded through the intersection.  When her car was half way through the intersection, another motorist ran a red light and crashed his vehicle into … Read More