Named after The Three Sisters mountain range located in the area, Sisters, Oregon (though as many of the locals call it, “Sisters Country”) occupies 1.87 square miles of land in the Deschutes County of Oregon.

The city has an incredibly diverse landscape, ranging from the sagebrush-laden high desert to the rich forests that flank the surrounding Cascade Mountains. This has turned Sisters into a paradise for outdoor enthusiasts, offering ample opportunity to take part in hiking, fly fishing, mountain biking, skiing, and even bird watching.

But Sisters isn’t only known for it’s outdoor splendors; the area is also recognized as being the thriving heart of arts and culture in Deschutes Country, hosting events such as the Sisters Rodeo, the Sister’s Folk Festival or the Sisters Outdoor Quilt Show. Such activities have brought a lot of attention to the area, which may partially account for the large population “boom” the area has experienced, growing from under 1000 residents in 2000 to well over 2000 in 2010.

Standing Up for the Rights of Sisters Residents

With so many recreational opportunities available to the fairly young residents and families of this city, there is always the threat of an injury. Fortunately, most injuries are insignificant and temporary, but some can have long term consequences or prove to be fatal.

One serious type of injury that is suffered on the roadways and high mountain trails in the area are brain-related injuries. Over one million individuals suffer from traumatic brain injuries, ranging from mild and temporary to permanent and severe.

Mild Brain Injury Symptoms: The symptoms may start out as a headache, dizziness, vomiting and confusion, and later become a persistent mild headache, poor concentration, fatigue, anxiety, depression, and intolerance towards bright lights and loud noises

Moderate Brain Injury Symptoms: Similar to mild brain injury symptoms, moderate brain injuries may result in headaches, nausea, and dizziness, as well as mood changes, memory problems and problems when attempting to concentrate

Severe Brain Injury Symptoms: Severe brain injuries can include the above symptoms which are often coupled by a coma or loss of consciousness, dilated pupils, respiratory problems, speech problems, difficulty when swallowing, and cerebrospinal fluid leaking from the nose or ears

Whether mild, moderate or severe, no individual should be forced to suffer a brain injury due to the negligence of another without compensation for such a serious accident. The attorneys at Dwyer Williams Cherkoss Attorneys, PC have years of experience in handling traumatic brain injury claims. Please call us today at 541-617-0555 or visit one of our statewide offices for a free consultation to discuss your particular incident.

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