Sexual Assault and Third Party Liability

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Sexual Assault and Third Party Liability

Sexual assault is about power and control.  It is a violent betrayal that can cause great harm, both physically and emotionally, to the victim. The pain and suffering can be greater than trauma caused by other personal injuries. The only way to be compensated for the paint and suffering from sexual assault is through filing a civil lawsuit with the aid of a personal injury attorney with experience handling these sensitive cases.

Sexual Assault and Third Party Liability

Liability for Third‐Party Sexual Assault

The perpetrator of a sexual assault may be held legally responsible for damages, but there may also be a third party responsible as well.  Often the perpetrator does not have substantial assets and any insurance coverage usually excludes intentional acts such as sexual assault.  In many other cases the perpetrator will never be identified or charged with a crime. In these cases the only recourse for compensatory recovery is from the responsible third party who may have been

Due to the egregious nature of these crimes, juries are sympathetic towards the victims and large verdicts may be awarded. A civil court finding the third party liable for damages means that the third party owes the victim an obligation. This may include compensation for economic costs such as medical expenses, lost wages and future mental health counseling. The court may also order payment for non-economic damages such as pain and suffering, damage to intimate relationships, psychological injury such as post traumatic stress disorder, and in some cases punitive damages.

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