The elderly population are among the most vulnerable in our society and abuse to these people should not be tolerated. In the state of Oregon around 76,000 people are over 85 years of age.  The Department of Human Services receives around 20,000 calls a year reporting suspected abuse. These statistics are sobering because many cases of abuse are unreported either from inability to do so or fear of the abuser. More and more families are placing their elderly members in nursing homes expecting great care.

Elderly abuse in Oregon can be and lead to:

  •    Physical pain or injury (not from an accident)
  •    Neglect of care
  •    Death of nursing home resident

Some abuse can lead to the death of the resident because the death was preceded by neglect of care or physical abuse. When a family member suspects that the death of their family member is from abuse they need to investigate it.

When family members or anyone suspects abuse, they need to talk to supervisors at the nursing home and try to get answers. Take notes of everything observed and conversations so that everything is kept in some sort of record. If this fails to get a positive result, you can report to Adult Protective Services and Department of Human Services in the state of Oregon.

Sometimes the nursing home may know about the abuse happening and not report it because they don’t want their facility closed down.  Many nursing homes are understaffed with low paid staff that are not properly trained to take care of the elderly.

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