People in Roseburg ride their bicycles for a variety of reasons, including fun, fitness, or as a mode of transportation to run errands or to go to and from work. With frequent bicycle riding comes increased risk of a bicycle accident. Bicycle accidents can be a terrible thing; unlike in a car accident, where both drivers are protected by thousands of pounds of steel and airbags, there is nothing to protect the bicyclist’s body from harm. When a rider is hit, the full impact of the vehicle thrusts the person off the bicycle and leaves the individual lying on the ground, most likely with injuries. Typically the most common types of physical injuries after a bike accident are broken bones, lacerations, paralysis, brain damage, and internal organ damage. As serious as these injuries can be, huge medical bills are often incurred and a victim is left unable to work for at least a period of time.

If you can get a settlement in the form of a sum of money, this can help alleviate the financial and emotional burden of such an accident. Here at Dwyer Williams Cherkoss, PC, we have a 98% success rate in representing the injuries of our clients. We have been serving the Roseburg area for many years, and we do so proudly. If you want to meet with a legal team that knows bicycle injuries in the most in-depth way possible, give us a call today. You deserve to feel at peace again.

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Client Story

What Happened
Our client was riding his bicycle to work on his regular route. He was following the rules of the road and riding on the proper side of the road, with traffic. A car zoomed past him and made a right turn directly across his path, before he had any time to slow or avoid the crash. He crashed headlong into the car’s rear side, suffering bruises, road rash, and other injuries.

When We Were Called
When he attempted to file a claim with the driver’s insurance company, they denied it, stating that the driver had done nothing wrong and that our client should have avoided the car, an act that our client knew to be impossible. Frustrated by the insurance company’s response, he contacted us for help in getting a better settlement in his bicycle accident case.

How We Were Able to Help
When medical expenses are not high, Oregon law allows a personal injury attorney to send the insurance company a demand letter for $10,000. This letter also stipulates that the insurance carrier has to pay attorney fees, should the victim win. After opening negotiations with this letter, out attorney was able to obtain a very fair settlement for our client, which covered his medical expenses and reimbursed him for his pain and suffering.

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